Budget Friendly Yarns with Caitlin

By Caitlin Johnson


In this snippet from Shopcast episode 198 (see that full episode here), Caitlin shares some ideas for choosing woolly wools and projects when keeping a budget in mind. Her tips are perfect for those who have fallen in love with woolly wools - breed specific, small batch, and special yarns that are durable, lovely to work with, and sometimes more expensive than yarns from larger companies. Caitlin offers encouragement for those who are new to garment knitting or looking to gain confidence in using the special yarns to make bigger projects.

Her tips include browsing The Woolly Thistle's yarn selection with dollars to grams in mind to help you compare yarns by price. She lists out several yarns that fall on the less expensive end of what we carry, and several sweater kits to get you started. She also suggests choosing summery garments as a starting point, since they require less yarn. Below are links to everything she mentions. Comment here with which tip you appreciated the most, or add in your own to help us all get more woolly garments on the needles!

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Ullcentrum (2-ply or 3-ply)

Retrosaria Mondim


Plotulopi (unspun)

Jamieson & Smith 2-ply Jumperweight Cones



Vanilla Sweater in Rauma Finullgarn


Felix Sweater by Amy Christoffers in Lettlopi-


Altheda by Jennifer Steingass in Plotulopi


Argil by Clare Lakewood in Saona from WoolDreamers




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