Shopcast 198: Shawl Knitting Progress and Weaving

By Caitlin Johnson

On this episode, join us as we wrap up our Shawl Knit-Along! Corinne's recently back from a week-long weaving class at Harrisville Designs - yay for new fiber pursuits! Maggie and Corinne have lots of shop news, finished and in-progress projects to show you, and so does our guest Caitlin. She also talks through some yarn and project ideas for budget-friendly woolly garments. We have new Wooldreamers Saona yarn to show you, Latvian Mitten boxes, the Hapkerchief KAL starting today through Simply Shetland, and more. Rachel on Fair Isle and her croft of sheep have a treat for us - Eurovision Sheep Style! We hope you enjoy this episode and share it with a friend!

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00:00 Intro

1:16 Intro, Corinne Tried Weaving & Winner #1

14:27 FOs 

18:53 Caitlin- FOs and WIPs

30:10 Caitlin- Budget Friendly Yarns

39:40 WIPs

50:39 Upcoming KALs and Mitten Kits

59:21 In the Shop

1:07:20 Fair Isle Postcard

1:24:00 Last Things

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Harrisville Designs workshops

Rachel @welfordpurls_weaves

YouTube podcast: Wool n’ Spinning @RachelSmith

Maggie’s FO

Vatna Shawl by Gudrun Johnston in Jamieson & Smith 2-ply



Caitlin’s Segment

Soldotna Crop by Caitlin Hunter in stash yarn



Bukett by Linnea Ornstein in Ullcentrum 2-ply and handspun 

Aeria by Linnea Ornstein  

Cloudesley by Isabell Kraemer in Blacker Lyonesse 

Could also be good in Saona from WoolDreamers

Argil by Clare Lakewood (from Pom-Pom Quarterly) 


Rue Bonnie Cowl in Rauma Fivel and Making Tracks from Junction Fiber Mill- coming as a kit!


Evendoon Pullover by Kate Davies Designs in stash yarn


“Budget-friendly” yarns and projects:


Ullcentrum (2-ply or 3-ply) 



Plotulopi (unspun)- 

Vanilla Sweater

Felix Sweater by Amy Christoffers in Lettlopi

Altheda by Jennifer Steingass in Plotulopi 

Maggies’ other FO:

Rue Bonnie Cowl by Caitlin in Rauma Fivel & Making Tracks

Making Tracks-


Maggies’ WIPs (and a hen)

Nana Duck from Mouche & Friends in Jamieson & Smith


Henrietta “Fancy Hen” kit:


Strikkegarn yarn:

Paul Klee Sweater by Midori Hirose in J & S and some Jamieson of Shetland Spindrift



Corinne’s WIPs-

Dunrobin Sweater in Studio Donegal Irish Heather


Halligarth by Gudrun Johnston in Rambler, Trillium



Shop News

Hapkerchief KAL by Simply Shetland




Latvian Mitten Yarn Sets from Hobby Wool, 3 patterns left!

Mystery Bags

Saona by WoolDreamers

Blog post with ideas:

Agatha Christie Book Bundle

Fair Isle Knitting by Carina Olsson

Silver Forest by Jennifer Steingass in Jamieson & Smith Supreme


Rachel’s Fair Isle Postcard

Find her at-



Website: Includes “Adopt a Sheep” page!

Support her at: or 

We’d love to see any of your FO’s from our yarn or patterns as well!  Use #thewoollythistle to have your FO included in a future shopcast!

Thank you for watching! If you go out, take your knitting!

Video editing: Intelligent Octopus

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  • I have just finished my third vanilla sweater.
    The first in one color only. The second in six colors. The last one in Noro sock yarn.
    I watch your shopcast with enthusiasm.
    I newer thought about superwash or not.
    Now i try to find the wool here in Denmark.

    Helle Nielsen

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