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    The Woolly Thistle

    Shopcast featuring real and fantasy knitting

    Shopcast featuring real and fantasy knitting
    A brand new Shopcast went live on Friday on Youtube.  Enjoy my bletherings along with my knitting, fantasy knitting and I have a request for everyone who has finished their Vanilla Sweater!  Enjoy!

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    Shopcast: Black Isle Yarn & The Grey Sheep Co.

    Shopcast: Black Isle Yarn & The Grey Sheep Co.

    We have a very busy shop update for you so get comfy and pick up your pins to join me for a new episode of our Shopcast!

    As always we have a new giveaway, and we have 2 winners announced for the last episode. 

    We also have lots of stock going in the shop since I recorded this earlier in the week including Frangipani and Marie Wallin's British Breeds. 

    Unfortunately the nail polish already sold out but we will get more in our Signature colors soon, but be on the look out for REDS with Great Names to make their appearance this weekend too. 

    We were delighted to welcome Black Isle yarns back to the shop and it sold out in hours.  Apologies if you missed it.  

    TWT position

    TWT position

    Hi everyone, The Woolly Thistle always puts our Customers first and we work very hard to be approachable and kind to everyone that shops with us.  We truly appreciate your business and it is Customers like you that have helped TWT grow into the shop it is today.  We have always tried to be a safe space for BIPOC and minorities.

    The Woolly Thistle supports the protestors taking to the street to demand justice for George Floyd and other Black people who have lost their lives to police brutality, as well as the countless people who have been brutalized without it being caught on camera.  

    If you would like to offer your support to those doing the hard and dangerous work of protesting there are many ways you can contribute.  Here are a few of the things I'm doing from New Hampshire:

    Joining, reading, watching and learning from Rachel Cargle's Patreon site "The Great Unlearning" (Instagram: @rachel.cargle)

    Donating to ACLU, Color of Change, national Bail Out fund.

    Following and reading (and doing the work) of @laylafsaad book "Me and White Supremacy"

    Talking to my children about Race and Discrimination.  

    Talking to my friends who are also mothers about talking to their children about Race and Discrimination.

    I have also made the Vanilla Sweater recipe available for sale and 100% proceeds from it's sale over the next 2 weeks will go to the Color of Change.

    Undoubtably, there will be those of you who do not agree with my position and believe we should set aside our Politics and keep our knitting sacred as an escape from the difficulties in the world.  If Black and Brown people could do that too then we could all escape from those difficulties.  But it is evident that they are not able to escape the threat of police brutality or other forms of discrimination so I choose not to as well.  I choose to stand with them and fight for a better world.  And while doing so, rather than trying to escape into my knitting and love of yarn, I will simply knit more fervently and lean into my knitting and yarn as well as our community to find support and cameraderie.

    Stay safe, Corinne

    Shop Update: chickens and underarm holes!

    Shop Update: chickens and underarm holes!

    hand holding a darning project with needle
    Welcome to a new episode of The Woolly Thistle Shop Update.   It's a holiday weekend here in the States!  I hope you are all able to enjoy your knitting over the next few days.  We have a very busy shop update for you so settle in with a cuppa and grab your knitting. This episode has chickens, underarm holes, a brand new fun product and TWO giveaways!  Enjoy!!