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Knitting Buddies

The Knitting Buddies Program helps knitters connect with other knitters. The program was started at the beginning of Covid when we realized knitters might feel completely isolated. Since then knitters of all stripes have joined and made lasting friendships. We're so happy to offer this free service of connecting you with new friends.

Connect with a Knitting Buddy

Knitting Buddies works by introducing knitters to each other in small groups. Once we introduce you to your group it's up to the participants to get to know each other and keep the connection going. We've heard from so many knitters that they've been friends with their Knitting Buddies for years now.

If you'd like to be introduced to other Knitting Buddies in a group simply, fill out the form linked below. When we have enough sign-ups to make a small group (4-8 people) then we'll provide you with each other's contact information. We have helped connect knitters that meet in person, over zoom, phone calls, emails, etc.

After we provide contact information to you and your buddies, you can decide how and when you'd like to stay in touch.

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