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Shawl KAL

We invite you to join us for the 2023 Shawl KAL! To be eligible for prizes, choose any hap or shawl pattern and use mostly (80% or so) yarn from The Woolly Thistle. We have lots of fabulous kits in the shop and there are more to come! Sign up for this KAL is free!

Now Closed
Colorwork Accessory KAL

We invite you to join us knitting all-over colorwork accessories. To be eligible for prizes, choose any pattern with all-over colorwork and use mostly (80% or so) yarn from The Woolly Thistle. We have lots of fabulous kits in the shop! Sign up for this KAL is free!

Jennifer Steingass KAL

Begins January 1 with no set end date

Knit any of Jennifer Steingass ( patterns in any yarn. A group of Ravelry members have teamed up to start this informal KAL based around their love of Jennifer Steingass’s patterns.

How to join: The main thread of discussion for this KAL is in our Ravelry group. If participating on Facebook or Instagram, feel free to share there using the hashtag #thewoollythistle so we can see what you’re working on!

Prize: The Woolly Thistle will be giving out a prize or two to a random participant during the KAL. To be eligible, post in the Ravelry discussion thread, or if not on Ravelry then send us an email with a picture of what you’re working on (doesn’t need to be finished).

Past Kals

Don't want to miss another KAL? sign up for our shopletter and be the first to know about new products, events, and other goings on in the shop!

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Sweater Kal

Knit or crochet any Adult Sweater pattern in any weight yarn. The sweater must be knit out of at least 80% of yarn which was purchased from The Woolly Thistle at any point in time. To be inclusive and to recognize the work that goes into colorwork vests, we will also allow adult-sized color work vests in this KAL. All other wip’s should have sleeves.

This 7 week KAL ended on October 7th. Sign up for the TWT Sweater Kal is now closed.

Now Closed

Our next Knit-along is coming up soon! Save the date and join us July15-28 as we knit (or attempt to knit!) a pair of socks in two weeks. All are invited! Use any yarn and any pattern. Maybe you'll join us knitting one of the sock yarns from this year's Sock Bag?

This is a Free KAL with no formal signup. Join us in our Facebook and Ravelry groups, and be sure to use the hashtag #2022TWTSockSprint so everyone can see your sock knitting!

Sign Up Closed
HAp Kal

April 22 - June 3

Signups for our HAP KAL are now closed. We welcome and encourage knitters to knit along with us in our Facebook and Ravelry Group.

This KAL is a special 6-week event with loads of perks and happenings as we knit together and learn all about Haps.

We're preparing exclusive content especially for our Hap KAL participants and we hope you're excited to join us! This is a great opportunity to knit along with a warm group of enthusiasts while knitting a classic Hap! 

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Colorwork Accessories Knit-A-Long

We're casting on February 18th!

Click through to learn more about the projects + get your FREE Gift!

Christmas Sock Knit-a-long

We've decided to have a spontaneous Sock KAL! Join us the week of November 14th - 20th as we knit Christmas socks! All are invited to join us as we knit furiously for a week in the pursuit of finishing a pair of Christmas socks in one week! Use the #TWTChristmasSocksKAL on Instagram so we can see your socks!