Uist Wool

Uist Wool is a venture inspired by cooperative values. The original idea to build a new Mill in North Uist emerged from a collective will to find a fresh purpose for local fleece that would reconnect the community with their cultural heritage of wool-working.
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    Rich History

    Uist Wool

    The spinning Mill was constructed in 2013 and houses a range of heritage machinery sourced by Uist Wool from Argyll and Yorkshire.

    Uist Wool knows from the previous owners that the carding and spinning machinery had a hard-working life in several other mainland mills prior to this date.

    Mid 19th century

    The main parts of the Card may have their origins in the mid 19th Century and they’re still working beautifully.

    Once inside the building you are surrounded by the gorgeous yarn that is made by the old machines. Such beautiful yarn is special because of its connection to the people and history of the islands.

    Where it's From

    Uist Island

    Uist is an island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, west of Skye.  It receives all the weather from the Atlantic Ocean so it can get wild out there, but it also has breathtaking beauty, a long history of crofting and fishing, and living close to the land.  These islands are beautiful, remote yet relatively easy to explore.