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    Do you have a physical shop and can I visit it?

    We do not have a brick and mortar store but we are always happy to send you photos or short videos of specific yarn or color combinations that interest you!  Just send us an email, or message us on FB.


    Vending Engagements & Dates

    June 9th 2018 Squam Art Fair

    Sept15th 2018 Squam Art Fair



    How can I find out more about The Woolly Thistle?

    We know you want to know more, so sign up for our monthly Blether-letter (sign up form right at the bottom of this page) for shop news and perhaps a discount!

    Read our About Page

    Listen to The Woolly Thistle podcast where you can hear all the latest knitting adventures as well as a Shop Update (and often a Coop Cast!!)

    Join our Ravelry Group so you can chat with The Woolly Thistle and fellow customers and fans of the shop!

    For yarn inspiration follow us on Instagram and search @thewoollythistle and tag #thewoollythistle


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