DK weight yarn is a very popular weight for knitting both accessories and garments. Did you know that DK stands for Double Knitting? Back in the day in jolly ole England, you would hold two strands together (double the yarn) to get a thicker weight yarn and thus a faster project with more squish! We now have DK weight yarns available to us right from the mill and they land between a sport weight and a worsted weight in yarn thickness.

    17 products

    17 products

    Needles and Gauge with DK Weight Yarn?

    In some countries DK Weight yarn is referred to as 8ply. This is the weight of the yarn and not the structure of the yarn. A rule-of-thumb gauge for DK weight in stockinette is around 22 sts per 4". You will typically knit DK using a US6/4mm needle and go up and down slightly from there. It's always a good idea to knit a gauge swatch before you tackle your actual project.

    Some of our favorite DK Weight Yarns

    We have a lovely selection of DK weight yarns including Rauma Strikkegarn which is a 100% Norwegian wool and TukuWool which is 100% Finnish wool. Both of these yarns are available in a large selection of natural and beautiful dyed colors. Uist Wool DK which is a rustic Scottish wool available in a variety of natural shades. Junction Fiber Mill is a local to us in New England mill and we are stocking their Making Tracks and Farm Fresh yarn. Both in DK weight, and Making Tracks is a lovely variegated yarn which adds some fun and interest to your knitting. WoolDreamers Manchelopis is an unspun wool which creates a light and warm fabric and offers a unique knitting experience. The Miles Jacket is a wonderful sweater for experienced knitters and we’ve put together a yarn set for it.

    Projects with DK Weight Yarn

    The uses for DK Weight yarn are really endless so you’ll have many options whether you are knitting garments or accessories. DK yarn knits up quickly compared to lighter weights and is an excellent choice for knitters of all levels. We have several yarn sets available using DK Weight yarn including the Miles Jacket knit with WoolDreamers Manchelopis, a few colorwork yoke sweater sets using Rauma Strikkegarn. Looking for a smaller project? Try the Rauma Mittens yarn set!