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Looking to join an incredible community of knitting and crochet enthusiasts AND save money when you buy the best yarns for your projects or engage with your friends online?

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Read on to learn about the many rewards that come with your free Thistler Club membership.


Just like Works in Progress (WIPs), you'll get Points in Progress (PIPs) when you shop! Earn 2 points for every dollar spent on each purchase (2% back). You can also earn PIPs by being a part of The Woolly Thistle Facebook and Instagram community. Easy-peasy!

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GIVE $10 OFF, GET 1000 PIPs!

Give your friends a gift of $10-off their first order of $75 or more, and once they use it, you'll get 1000 PIPs in your account to redeem on your next order! Simply email your friends the custom referral link you'll find in your Thistler Club dashboard!

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At check out, you can redeem your rewards and get discounts on yarns, kits, classes, and more! 100 PIPs = $1 off your purchase. When you have a minimum of 500 PIPs ($5 off), you can redeem your PIPs for a discount on your order.

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The Thistler Club is FREE and easy to join.

1) When you are signed into your TWT account you automatically become a member!

2) You access your Thistler Club membership by signing into the dashboard using the purple button on the bottom left of your screen. On mobile, the button has our logo. On desktop, the button reads Thistler Club.

3) If you have been shopping with us and checking out as a guest, create an account with us, and sign in through the Thistler Club dashboard to begin collecting your PIPs!

PIPs cannot be applied retroactively if you are not signed in when you make your purchase, so remember to sign in when you shop.

Once you are signed in, you will be offered a referral link within your Thistler Club dashboard. Copy and paste the link into an email you send your friends, or share it with your community on Facebook, or other social media.

First, thank you! The friend that you referred will receive an email with a discount code for $10-off their first purchase of $75 or more. When they use their code, you'll get 1000 PIPs deposited into your Thistler Club account, redeemable on your next shop. Win, Win!

PIP stands for Points in Progress. Just like knitters have Works in Progress (WIPs), you will earn PIPs through your purchases and actions on our website and social media. There are many ways to earn PIPs and you will be able to redeem them for money off your future TWT purchases. (100 Pips = $1 off your order)

Shop The Woolly Thistle

Log into your account at checkout, double check your Thistler Club dashboard to be sure, and you'll earn 2 PIPs for each dollar spent (2% back) on all purchases except gift cards

Refer a Friend

Send your personalized referral code in your Thistler Club dashboard to a friend to give them $10-off their first purchase of $75 or more. When they use the code, you'll get 1000 PIPs!

Like & Share on Social Media

From your Thistler Club Dashboard

Like The Woolly Thistle on Facebook page = 50 PIPs (earn once)

Follow The Woolly Thistle on Instagram page = 50 PIPs (earn once)

Share our Facebook Page with your friends = 50 PIPs (earn 1 time per week)

First, you must be signed into your TWT account. Using the Thistler Club button, you'll have the opportunity to redeem your PIPs. Copy and paste the code provided at checkout and your discount will be applied. You must have a minimum of 500 PIPs ($5 off) to redeem, and can add to your discount in increments thereafter.

PIPs expire after one year from the last time you earned any PIPs.

For example, if you shopped and earned 100 PIPs on January 1 and then shop again on December 31 and earn 100 more PIPs, the expiration date for ALL of your PIPs will be December 31 of the following year.

We'll email you to let you know when they're close to expiring so that you can use them. If you have opted out of our emails, we won't be able to send you this notice.

The terms of The Woolly Thistle's PIPs and referrals programs are subject to change at anytime.

PIPs have no cash value and can be redeemed at checkout for money off your purchase.

PIPs are earned on all purchases except Gift Cards; Shipping and Tax do not accrue PIPs.

PIPs may not be combined with other discounts or offers.

PIPs expire after one year from the last time you earned.

PIPs are not transferrable to other TWT accounts.

Enjoy your Thistler Membership Today!

  • Shop our collections of knitting kits, storied yarns, and inspiring books while earning rewards for your future self.
  • Send your referral link to your knitting friends to share your love for The Woolly Thistle and your favorite products.
  • Participate in The Woolly Thistle Facebook and Instagram communities and earn points, too!