Your feet work hard for you every day so show them lots of love by knitting with natural woolly yarns and make gorgeous socks for your tootsies. We favor 100% wool socks but we also understand that some of us are very hard on our socks. We have a couple of yarns that include nylon or polyamide just to help make them last. And we also have some superwash finished yarns to help with laundry time.

    20 products

    20 products

    100% wool Sock Yarn

    Spinning mills create 100% woolly sock yarn by increasing the twist that goes into the yarn ply, often times using a 3-or-more ply, and by blending different breeds into the yarn (increasing the hardiness but also including some softness as well). Check out Retrosaria Mondim, Garthenor Snowdonia and Rauma Gammelserie.

    Use Nature's nylon to Create a Stronger Sock

    Hold a strand of mohair alongside your 100% wool yarn and you'll strengthen the fabric significantly, naturally! (We recommend Biches & Buches silk mohair for the job!)  This results in a fluffy and stronger sock!

    What are the Strongest Sock Yarns?

    We know that sometimes you need extra-strength or durability in your sock yarn and so we have a carefully chosen selection of yarns that fit the bill including WYS Signature 4ply which is a 75/25 British wool/nylon blend (with 35% of that wool coming from luxurious Bluefaced Leicester!), Daughter of a Shepherd Drover which is a 90/10 wool/nylon blend, and John Arbon's Exmoor Sock Yarn which includes a 90/10 locally sourced British wool and nylon. A substantial portion of the wool is also superwashed.