Armscote Manor

Armscote Manor is a Jacobean house in South Warwickshire, England that was built by John Halford, a wool merchant, back in the early 1600's. Deborah Williams has lived there with her family for nearly 30 years and more recently embarked on keeping and breeding Portland Sheep, an at risk rare breed. Portland Sheep are the oldest recorded sheep in England and even have a mention in the Doomsday Book. Their soft fleece produces natural colored, woolly yarn that's easy to love!
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    The Sheep at

    Armscote Manor

    Armscote Manor is the home of a conservation flock of Portland Sheep and a smaller flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. Producing soft fleeces and providing a lovely yarn from each breed. Armscote Manor has also combined the two for the perfect shade of grey called Portland with a Dash of Black Welsh Mountain.

    Where is Armscote Manor?

    Armscote Manor is settled in the beautiful countryside of South Warwickshire, England. They play an improtant role in conservation of the Portland Sheep and right on to the flora, migrant birds, and other species of the area.

    A Rare Breed

    Portland Sheep

    Portland Sheep are a small and calm breed of sheep. As the oldest recorded sheep breed in England, they even have a mention in the Doomsday Book. Portland sheep have the unique ability to breed year round usually having one lamb. Pictured here is a beautiful ewe with her unusual set of twins!