Shopcast 173: Celebrating 6 at TWT & Drop Spindle Spinning with Caitlin

By Caitlin Johnson


On this episode, join Corinne and Maggie as they talk about what's in store for the Woolly Thistle's 6th birthday celebration! Can you believe they're both swatching with new-to-them yarns this week? Caitlin also has an update on her fleece processing as she shows us some drop spindle spinning. And there's an exciting new yarn coming to the shop in July that Corinne and Maggie show us!

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00:00 Intro

1:35 Giveaway #1 & FOs

14:52 Corinne’s Keris Swatch

26:02 Swatching with Navia Yarns

33:25 TW turns 6!

40:02 Sock Bags & New WYS

53:25 Caitlin & Drop Spindle Spinning

1:10:27 What ELSE is in the shop (hint… shetland wool week pattern!)


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Neither Corinne nor Maggie are wearing any hand knits!

Maggie’s (half) FO

Irene Socks by Tracie Millar in CoopKnits Socks Yeah! 


Maggie’s WIPs

One More Step socks by EarthTones Girl (Denise DeSantis) in Exmoor Sock Yarn colorway Bibble Bug




Corinne’s WIPs

Baby Knit- Cedar Wood Baby Romper by Sandra Magalhães 

Keris Vest by Marie Wallin: swatch in British Breeds yarn

Maggie’s swatches

Navia Brushed Tradition  

Possibly for Winterwoods sweater by @thepetiteknitter 

Navia Tradition

Rauma Summer Six Pack  

Join a Knitting Buddies group!  

2022 Sock Bags!  

Summer Sock Sprint starts July 15th!   

West Yorkshire Spinners 



Caitlin’s Fleece Update

Caitlin's wearing Denis Tee by Elizabeth Smith


Half Hansel Hap by Gudrun Johnston


Yarns: J&S Shetland Supreme & J&S 2-ply Jumper Weight  


Drop Spindle Spinning with American Tunis Fleece

Also in the Shop:

Bonnie Isle Hat Kit in J&S by Linda Shearer 

Shetland Wool Adventure Journals #4 is on preorder


Yarn: The Journal of Scottish Yarns Vol. 1 

Faire #5  

We’d love to see any of your FO’s from our yarn or patterns as well!  Use #thewoollythistle to have your FO included in a future shopcast!

Thank you for watching! If you go out, take your knitting!

Corinne's gold bangles from

Video editing: Intelligent Octopus


  • You both so brighten my day! Thank you. I found your podcasts recently, and look forward to each new episode. Thank you for your hard work!

    Karen Stewart
  • Wonderful. I was busy knitting on socks with yarn from the sock bag while watching. Always fun to see the new yarn.


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