'Knit the Dunrobin Sweater' Course

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Ready to knit the Dunrobin Sweater? We're so excited for you and are here to help! If the Dunrobin Sweater is your first garment or you are looking for guidance and tips along the way, the Dunrobin Course is here for you! In this self-guided course, you will have instructional videos for each step. 

Knit the Dunrobin Sweater with Corinne and she'll show you all the key elements and how to do them as you knit together. Step by step instructions from start to finish and you'll have a sweater that fits and looks great!

Video Lessons include:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Begin Front and Bottom Hems
  • Join Front and Back Hem
  • Side Seam Detail
  • Separate Front and Back
  • Front Shoulder Shaping
  • Back Shoulder Shaping
  • Join Front and Back Shoulders
  • Pick Up Neck Stitches
  • Add Neck

Corinne walks you through all of the major steps of knitting the Dunrobin Sweater through video demonstrations, so you can learn from her and knit with confidence. The course is a self paced series of pre-recorded videos that can be accessed through our website at your convenience. Once you purchase the course, you can work through the videos at your own convenience as often as you'd like with indefinite access. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Digital products are non-refundable after purchase.

This course includes a digital copy of the Dunrobin Sweater pattern which will be emailed to you with a link to the Digital Download.  The videos are accessed through The Woolly Thistle website when you are logged into your customer account.  The email used to purchase The Course, will be the email that is used to access The Course.  Please send us an email to info@thewoollythistle.com,  if you have questions about accessing the course.

Pattern Update: Current Version is FINAL Dunrobin Sweater v4 by Corinne Tomlinson. For details on the updates please click on the description button below. 

Updated in v4:

  • Corrections were made on page 7 in the Front Shoulder Shaping to a couple of stitch counts for size D & F. In that same section, some decreases were updated to reflect P2Tog in the purl rows as they has mistakenly been listed as a knit decrease.
  • Corrections were made on page 8 to the total stitch counts for Sizes H & I.
  • On page 9 the total number of stitches across the back was updated for sizes H & I.
  • On page 11 stitch counts have been updated for the Back Should Shaping across sizes H & I.
  • Corrections have been made in the Sleeves section for sizes E, F, G, H & I.
  • The course video for the Back Shoulder Shaping has also been updated and kits and the course will get this new pattern.

Updated in v2.5: Changes to the pattern were made on page 4. Under the Front Bottom Hem section, stitch counts for sizes F, G, H & I have been updated. Under the Back Bottom Hem, stitch counts for sizes H & I have been updated. These were the only updates made to the pattern.

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