In The Footsteps of Sheep
In The Footsteps of Sheep
In The Footsteps of Sheep

In The Footsteps of Sheep

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It has been too long since we had this great book in stock.  I'm thrilled to have it back!

In The Footsteps of Sheep: Tales of a Journey Through Scotland, Walking, Spinning and Knitting Socks by Debbie Zawinski is a record of her beautiful adventure of walking and camping alone throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland while drop spindling bits of wool found along the way, and then knitting her spun wool into socks.  

The book shares her travels on foot and the sheep and people she meets along the way.  We learn in each chapter about the native sheep to the area she visits including Shetland, Hebridean, North Country Cheviot, Boreray, Soay, Castlemilk Moorit and so on.  She shares her pattern for each of the pairs of socks she designs and knits from her handspun, and offers alternatives which are easier for us to find.


Speaking as a native of Scotland, I know many of the places she visits and it's like going home and seeing the green grass and the sea just as it always has been, with sheep dotted all around the landscape.  I haven't been to all the places she goes to so reading her words and seeing the landscape caught in her photos is such a lovely and relaxing way to experience a little wanderlust, that it makes me want to go home and visit those places immediately! ...and  I'll pack a drop spindle as well because more often than not you come across a tuft of wool caught in a fence or a thistle.  Honestly, it doesn't get much better than this for the avid fiber enthusiast who has ever thought about visiting Scotland.

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