Cover of Faire Magazine Issue 7. White background with photo of woman sitting in room with flowers.
Side view of man working with hands on small project.
Man and Woman sitting on couch looking at each other in a colorful room.
Inside Faire 7, Person in colorful sweater holding a multi-colored umbrella.
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Page from Faire 7 Magazine, showing portrait of man standing outdoors
Page from Faire 7 Magazine.  Looking into workspace with many small objects on desk.
Inside page of Faire Press Magazine Issue 7. Woman arranging dishes on table outdoors.
Faire Magazine, Issue 7

Faire Magazine, Issue 7

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Faire Magazine features intimate stories from artists, artisans, and creatives around the world. Faire Magazine, with its thoughtful stories and beautiful photography is always a treat for the eyes and an inspiration for our creative minds.  Every issue of FAIRE is filled with considered words and exceptional visual storytelling, taking readers inside the homes, studios, and minds of artists, makers, and craftspeople all over the world to explore what it means to live creatively. FAIRE magazine is a certified CarbonNeutral® print product, using FSC® certified paper and natural non toxic inks, our magazine is printed by PurePrint in the U.K.

ISSUE 7 Contents  

Mark Hearld - British artist Mark Hearld is a self-proclaimed magpie whose joyful, raucous, often childlike curiosity and spirit for invention dynamically infuses his many creative endeavours, be it collage, printmaking, drawing and painting, linocuts, ceramics, wallpaper and textile design, clothing and accessory collaborations or museum curating. He is also the author of Raucous Invention: The Joy of Making (St Jude’s, 2021)

Amanda ThompsonFashion designer, textile aficionado and passionate advocate for creating ‘happy’ home interiors, Amanda Thompson has an infectious life-long love of learning, colour, pattern and texture. Her London home is filled with handmade decorative accents, a formidable straw hat collection and an unmistakable sense of joy.

Tony Ramos - Cape Verdean American from East Providence who has made his life and atelier in the countryside of Les Alpilles in the South of France. He studied painting at Southern Illinois University and received an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, where he was a graduate assistant to Allan Kaprow.
He has received a National Endowment for the Arts Visual Arts Fellowship, a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship and an Aspen Fellowship from the Aspen Institute among many other awards. During the 1970s and 1980s, Ramos travelled widely in Europe, Africa, China and the Middle East. He recorded video during the end of Portugal’s colonial rule of Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau, in Tehran during the 1980 hostage crisis and in Beijing just before the Tiananmen Square massacre. He has taught at Rhode Island School of Design, New York University and the University of California at San Diego among others. In the late 1980s, he turned to painting as his primary medium.

Susann Probst and Yannic Schon are photographers, the founders of food blog Krautkopf, celebrated photography workshop educators and advocates for living a slow life, connected to and inspired by nature. Collaborators in both work and life for almost 15 years, they left Berlin behind for a small village in north-east Germany where they have created their home and nurtured a lush garden, building a life that allows them to combine their two greatest passions: photography and cooking.

Lynda Gardner is a Melbourne-based interior designer, stylist and boutique hotelier. She began her design career styling interiors and commercial spaces, where she refined her trademark aesthetic that coalesces antique and modern design details, then branched out to open her own independent retail and boutique accommodation ventures. Now, Lynda’s impressive repertoire boasts many varying roles, including that of retailer, stylist, interior designer and decorator, curator and creative director. Her newest projects – a collaboration with boutique Melbourne label Eva’s Sunday and the interiors and design book Curate – see her expand her talents even further into the realms of fashion and publishing. As with all her endeavours, the curation of designs for both projects is infused with her signature mix of rustic and modern influences that speaks to the stylistic inclinations of her many supporters and followers.

Carol Rama didn’t draw a line between her life and her art – rather, it was a porous, throbbing membrane. Stories seep through, filter in transit, the slag upcycled. Her life was scandalous by some standards; others call it heroic. A chunk of it is preserved. From a pilfered antique Roman head to a pyramid of Marseille soap, Rama’s home – and studio – of 70 years is a biographical repository of beautiful, intriguing objects and furnishings. They are so precisely displayed that after Rama’s death at age 97 in 2015, Italian authorities listed and safeguarded the property.


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