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5th Annual Sweater Knit-A-Long

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Cast on with us on August 19th!

Knit-A-Long with any adult sweater pattern:

Select any adult sweater pattern and knit using new or previously purchased yarn from TWT. Projects can be knit or crocheted and must be made with at least 80% TWT yarn.

Enjoy a fun filled community, full of encouragement & PRIZES!

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Hi There!
My Name is Corinne

I started my yarn journey on the longest night of the year, back in December 2011, when I embarked on knitting Kate Davies' Owlet Sweater for my then 5 year old daughter, Heather.

I had learned to knit (and had knitted various garments) as a young girl in Scotland but had put the knitting down for several years. Upon picking up my new circular needles on that December night, and while following the well written and friendly pattern by Kate Davies, a new appreciation and enjoyment for knitting grew and quickly became a passionate pursuit. I am from Scotland and immigrated to the USA in 1992.

Through knitting and actively participating in the world-wide knitting community, I have been able to keep connections with Scotland in a way that wasn't possible before. The act of knitting as well as being a part of a community of Knitters has brought a lot of happiness to my day-to-day life and now provides me full-time employment importing British and European yarns for those of us here in the USA.

Now it is my wish and desire to bring that same joy and happiness into the lives of others as well.Come join the fun in our free group! See you there!