Shawl KAL

Hooray! Sign ups are officially open for the Shawl Knit-Along 2024!! Use the form below and start planning your project now!

When you sign up, you'll receive all the KAL details and a couple of exciting bonuses:

  • Download link for Wrapped in Wool: The Woolly Thistle Guide to Shawls, featuring lots of information on yarn choices, patterns, and our Shawl KAL.
  • Discount code for 20% off the Hap Exploration Course, an interview series exploring the history and significance of the Shetland hap.

As always, there is lots of friendly chatter and inspiration in our groups on Facebook and Ravelry.

And, there will be PRIZES!! Scroll down for all the details and FAQs!

2024 Shawl KAL Sign Ups Now Closed!

With our shawl KAL wrapping up soon, we are closing sign ups.

Missed out? Stay tuned for The Woolly Thistle's first ever Vest KAL! Sign ups will open on May 10th!

The Magic of

Woolly Shawls

Here at The Woolly Thistle we love our woolly wool. Shawls and haps highlight some of the best features of our favorite yarns. A woolly shawl provides amazing warmth while still feeling light and airy!

Read on for lots of available yarn sets, pattern suggestions, and knitspiration!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Knit-Along (KAL) is when a group of knitters work on the same or similar projects at the same time while learning from and supporting each other.

"Hap" is Scottish for shawl or wrap.  A hap forms a large, square shawl that can be folded in half and worn in several different ways. Half-Haps are made in a triangular shape more common to the shawls we generally see today. 

The 2024 Shawl KAL cast-on day is March 29th. The KAL ends on May 12th - you have until midnight ET (give or take) to complete the FO Form.

Please let us know you're participating by signing up for free on this page. Once you are signed up, we will send you a couple of KAL related emails.

To share your project and see others' projects, join our Facebook and/or Ravelry group or on Instagram, use the hashtag #2024twtshawlkal so we can all find you! You can follow that hashtag as well to see others' work.

To be eligible for prizes, there will be a simple FO Form to fill out!

This KAL is for shawls and haps. Your project can be any shawl design (pie shawl, asymmetrical, triangle, traditional Shetland hap, stole, wide scarf, etc). Small handkerchief style scarves and cowls will not qualify. It can be a completely garter stitch shawl, colorwork, intricate Shetland lace, or any other pattern, depending on your ability and preference!

We have many yarn sets here and you'll find more inspiration scrolling down on this page!

We also have a Ravelry Bundle of suggestions here for:

Hap Pattern Suggestions and Shawl Pattern Suggestions! Feel free to add your own!

To be eligible for prizes, project should mostly be made with TWT yarns (around 80% or more).

We carry so many yarns that are ideal for haps and shawls. Scroll down to see some of our favorites featured in shawls!

1st Prize: $75 Gift Card to The Woolly Thistle

2nd Price: A Highland Thistle Shawl Yarn Set in Tukuwool Fingering with pattern donated by designer Carolyn Holbrook

3rd Prize: 1 Skein of Rambler Yarn to each of 3 winners

All prizes will be randomly selected from completed FO Forms.

Winners will be randomly selected from those participants who complete the FO Form. If you complete more that one qualifying projects in the timeframe, please fill out the form for each project.

All winners will be chosen from people who have signed up with us and completed an FO Form. Click here to start the FO Form.

Remember, your project should be finished (or at least 80% finished) before you complete the FO form.

You are still welcome to join us if your project doesn't fit these requirements (you bought the yarn elsewhere, your project isn't technically a shawl, etc). The point is for everyone to join in, feel welcome, and knit and learn together! However, only qualified finished projects will be considered for the prizes at the end of the KAL.

Join our Free 2024 Shawl KAL!

Please enter your email address to sign up. Once submitted, you'll be taken to our FB Group to start chatting! We'll send you the free Shawl Guide and a discount code for the Hap Exploration.
Get ready to cast on with us on March 29th!

Woolly Yarn Perfectly Paired for Shawl Designs

The Woolly Thistle

Rambler Yarn

The Woolly Thistle's own Rambler yarn is a fingering weight 100% wool. Knit at a loose gauge, it creates a fabric with beautiful drape and a springy feel.

Below are some shawl designs that would be perfect knit with Rambler!

Jamieson & Smith

With a strong tradition and history, Jamieson & Smith yarn is made for shawls and haps! With every color under the sun, the options are endless for woolly shawls.

J&S Supreme Lace Weight is perfect for those elegant and light shawls, and J&S 2ply Jumper weight is a world of possibility for traditional haps and shawls.

Biches & Bûches

Biches & Bûches Le Petit Lambswool and Le Petit Silk & Mohair are both great choices for shawls. With one of the most beautiful color palettes, these yarns make scrumptious shawls.

Below are some shawl designs that call for Biches & Bûches yarn!


Tukuwool is a woolen spun yarn from Finland, and is available in both DK and Fingering weights. Knit at a looser gauge, the fabric will have a light, airy quality that still provides all the warmth.

When looking at pattern requirements, it's worth noting that Tuku recently switched from 50g to 100g fingering weight skeins. Be sure to check yardage or weight rather than the number of skeins mentioned!



Rauma Finullgarn is a fingering weight, 100% Norwegian wool yarn. A long-time favorite among Thistlers, this woollen spun yarn will trap your warmth keeping you cozy on a chilly day.

Given the wide range of colors, we feature Finullgarn yarn on three different pages: Neutrals, Colors, and Heathers!

Join our Free 2024 Shawl KAL!

Please enter your email address to sign up. Once submitted, you'll be taken to our FB Group to start chatting! We'll send you the free Shawl Guide and discount code for our Hap Exploration.
Get ready to cast on with us on March 29th!