Shopcast 177: Lots of Sweater Knitting Talk & Our KAL Starts Today!

By Caitlin Johnson


On this episode, Corinne and Maggie talk about their plans for the Sweater KAL and share some of the things they've learned about making sure your gauge is right. Listen to the end to see some of the fun things coming to the web shop soon, including a new yarn and fiction book set! Kelsey joins us with ideas for how to choose your next project from the many things you want to knit. Emma is also back to share her Sweater KAL plans. We hope you can join us for our Sweater KAL as it starting the day this shopcast airs!

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00:00 Intro

1:35 Giveaway #1 & FOs

9:54 KAL projects 

19:28 WIPs

21:30 Kelsey on Choosing a Next Project

33:57 Sweater KAL news!

36:44 What’s in the Shop

42:08 Emma’s KAL project

59:13 Book Bundles



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If you were one of the TWO giveaway winners in this episode, please send us an email to with “WINNER” in the subject line.

Corinne is wearing one of her Vanilla Sweaters 


Maggie’s Defiant Cardigan by Kristin Wiola Ødegård from her Scandinavian Sweaters book



Riddari by Védís Jónsdóttir 

Yarn Set 


Keris by Marie Wallin

Kit (sold out)


Maggie’s WIP

Quill Tee by Tif Neilan in Blacker Lyonesse



Kelsey's Segment

Kelsey talks about things to consider for your next project, when you have many to choose from!

Join Our Sweater KAL!

You can still sign up for the Sweater KAL thru August 21st!

What’s In The Shop


Laine Preorders-

Salt & Timber by Lindsey Fowler

Laine 15

Shetland Wool Adventures Journal #4 

Norwegian Sweaters & Jackets by Kari Hestnes 

Blacker Blue-Faced Leicester 

Emma’s Sweater Plan

Find Emma-



Ravelry: ebarnaby93

Hreindyr by Védís Jónsdóttir in Navia Tradition



ChiaGoo mini-shortie needles

Red Set (shown)

Blue Set

More in the Shop

Murder in a Scottish Shire bundles coming August 26th!

West Yorkshire Spinners Christmas Yarn is coming at the end of August!  

We’d love to see any of your FO’s from our yarn or patterns as well!  Use #thewoollythistle to have your FO included in a future shopcast!

Thank you for watching! If you go out, take your knitting!

Corinne's gold bangles from

Video editing: Intelligent Octopus 

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