Shopcast 145: Chatting Socks with EarthTonesGirl Denise plus More Misadventures in Cardigan Knitting

Shopcast #145: Chatting Socks with Earth Tones Girl Denise plus More Misadventures in Cardigan Knitting

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What am I wearing?

Autumn’s End Sweater by Alanna Dakos @NeverNotKnitting  

What am I knitting?

The Vams Cardi (not it’s final name!) has been teaching me a lot! Knitted in Rauma Vams, of course. 



Balvraid Hap by Rita Taylor 

Knit in Birlinn Yarn using 7 balls of the Peaty Brown


I’m also knitting Bluebird Cafe Sock by This Handmade Life in Exmoor Sock Yarn by John Arbon

 Our Sock Sprint is coming in July!

Find more info here:

 Just in! Inkling by Katie Davies 


New Yarn! Jagger Spun 


The Thistle Knitter’s Socks Bag is going live TODAY!


Sock Rulers are here.  


The Woolly Thistle Gauge Swatch Ruler by Katrinkles


Corgi Needle Gauge by Katrinkles


Denise @EarthtonesGirl interview TC: 38:33:14 (TC can be added to YT to let viewers skip directly here!!)

EarthTonesGirl Youtube: 


SOXPLORATION: Shadow Wrap Heel Course & Pattern 


Shadow Wrap Heel YouTube Tutorial: 


No Fear Sock Knitting Playlist: 


Woolens & Nosh, Percolated colorway

 Garthenor Snowdownia Sock Yarn, Tryfan colorway: 

The Knitter’s Book of Socks by Clara Parkes  

Rauma Gammalserie 

Winter’s Frost by This Handmade Life

Agatha Sock Pattern 

Agatha Sock Set 

West Yorkshire Spinners  

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Corinne's gold bangles from

Video editing:Erika Jones


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