Underwing Mittens designed by Erica Heusser, featuring a moth motif.
Underwing Mitts Yarn Set - Designer: Erica Heusser

Underwing Mitts Yarn Set - Designer: Erica Heusser

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This beautiful fingerless mitts design by Erica Heusser features a pair of underwing moths accompanied by a moon phase motif along the wrist. These neutral toned mitts really let the underwing pop with a bit of color.  This true work of art and nature is the perfect accessory to adorn your hands.

This Yarn Set Includes:

  • 2 x balls 81 (charcoal black)
  • 1 x ball 001 (white)
  • 1 x ball 125 (burnt orange)
  • 1 The Woolly Thistle stitch marker

This yarn set does NOT include the pattern.  The pattern can be purchased separately on Ravelry: Underwing Mitts Pattern.  

Please note this pattern was written for yarn other than J&S. We have found Jamieson & Smith 2ply to be a nice substitute. See Underwing Mitts knit using J&S here on Ravelry. It is 100% Real Shetland wool.  You can see our full line and read more about J&S 2ply yarn here.


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