Uradale Yarns are 100% organic yarns made from Native Shetland Sheep. The sheep are bred moorit, grey, black and white. These natural fleece colors remain unbleached and undyed through the Organic scouring process. Uradale's Organic spinner supplies jumper weight, double knit, aran, and chunky yarns. Alan Barraclough of New Lanark is a gentleman artisan of the old school. His early experience working with Shetland wool has made it possible to recreate the yarn of yesteryear. His skills help reveal the life in the fibre that is so appreciated by wool lovers.
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    3 products

    100% Organic

    Uradale Yarns

    Uradale Organic knitting yarns reflect the colors of the flock. Just like good wines every season comes with its own qualities; the yarns display these subtle annual variations. Chemicals are not allowed to dominate the wool.

    All ‘non-sheepy’ colors are Organically dyed to reflect the flowers and mosses of Uradale Farm. Occasionally a new range of shades are produced to add to this palette.

    Where it's From
    Shetland Sheep

    Converting to organic production in 2001, all aspects of livestock management are carried out under certification by the Scottish Organic Producers Association. This is the highest level of accreditation available in Shetland for animal welfare and health.

    Photo by Tom Barr (www.ootlier.com)