The Woolly Thistle proudly presents WATERshed as the first US yarn to be sold here at TWT.  WATERshed by Harrisville Designs is a quintessential New England yarn spun in rural New Hampshire in the picturesque village of Harrisville.  


    WATERshed is a worsted weight yarn which we in the USA love to knit with, and so we're really happy to now offer WATERshed for your worsted weight needs.  Not only is it worsted weight, the yarn is softly spun making it light and floofy.  It's dyed in the wool which results in skeins having many colors within the one color and the tweedy bits are a joy to behold.

    I interviewed Nick Colony of Harrisville Designs a while ago.  It's an interesting listen to hear how WATERshed came into being, as well as the history of the mill.


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