Faire Magazine, Issue 5
Faire Magazine, Issue 5
Faire Magazine, Issue 5
Faire Magazine, Issue 5
Faire Magazine, Issue 5
Faire Magazine, Issue 5
Faire Magazine, Issue 5
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Issue 5 of Faire Magazine features intimate stories from artists, artisans, and creatives around the world. A feast for the creative minds with stories of sculptors, illustrators, landscape designers, and textile designers. These stories are accompanied by beautiful photography which makes this publication such a treasure. 

Every issue of FAIRE is filled with considered words and exceptional visual storytelling, taking readers inside the homes, studios, and minds of artists, makers, and craftspeople all over the world to explore what it means to live creatively.

FAIRE magazine is a certified CarbonNeutral® print product, using FSC® certified paper and natural non toxic inks, our magazine is printed by PurePrint in the U.K.


Stories of Salt & Starlight by Ruth Steadman 

Alison Crowther is a British sculptor and furniture maker who works exclusively with English oak that is sustainably sourced from within the South Downs National Park in the UK. 

Adrienne Brown David is an American fine artist whose work focuses on the fleeting nature of Black girlhood and the fleeting quality of life itself. Her goals are to illuminate and illustrate that Black childhood is pure and uninterrupted and to foster an environment where her four children and Black children everywhere can retain their innocence and sense of wonder. 

Colleen Southwell, aka the Garden Curator, is an Australian artist, former landscape designer and passionate garden maker. Her paper sculptures are reminiscent of herbarium and entomology specimens and they speak to Colleen’s role in making and nurturing her own garden, her connection to the land and her background in horticulture.

Lora Avedian is a textile artist and designer from London specializing in embroidery and embellishment. She sells her textiles through the New Craftsmen and recently launched a range of scarves at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. 

Catherine Willis is a French artist who describes herself as a ‘sculptor-painter, an amateur botanist, a perfumista, a gardener and an ecologist’. She draws on barks, resins, spices, lichens, essences and found natural objects to create work that celebrates our belonging to the here and now of perfume and mystery.

Sarah Rennison Gwynne-Harris is creative director and founder of Reclaim Mallorca, a handcrafted luxury brand that produces one-of-a-kind, luxury, sustainable bags and accessories that are crafted with the principles of recover, repair, restore, reuse and recycle. 

Luciano Zarotti is an Italian artist who has turned his technical experience and thorough knowledge of materials into the unshakeable foundations of his art. Just like Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese did in the 16th century, he works with earth and other natural pigments, uses tempera grassa, mixes animal glue, flour paste, egg and oil, and prepares his paper in the manner of Cennino Cennini and Leonardo da Vinci. 

Carolina Breur is a Dutch interior designer and avid antique textile collector who shares her home and atelier with her artist husband, Wim Gerbscheid, in Amsterdam. Carolina transforms her treasured collection of antique and vintage textiles, Japanese kimonos and obi, Central Asian suzanis and rare silks into one-of-a-kind lamps and soft furnishings.

Laines Paysannes, founded by Olivia Bertrand and her partner, Paul de Latours, is a French company that is transforming wool from their family’s flock of Tarasconnaise sheep and setting an exemplary model for sustainability, transparency and accountability. 

Valeria Necchio is a food and travel writer, photographer and author who specializes in Italian culture, particularly that of the Veneto – her region of origin – and of Venice, the city in which she lives and works.

Sophia Mann is a British artist who creates sculptural, organic, bespoke jewelry from a studio in her old farmhouse home on the edge of the Forest of Fontainebleau outside of Paris. 

Fiona Pickles is a British artist working with botanicals, organic elements and flowers grown without chemicals in her steep south-facing hillside garden. Focusing on movement, color and texture, she is guided by the landscape, seasons and place to create still life designs, painterly images and site-specific installations.

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