Shop Update: more Vanilla Sweater

Latest news and yarns from The Woolly Thistle.  Enjoy!


  • MIchelle Rhoades

    I recd a pre shipment notice on Sunday and the tracking still says pre shipment. Just checking in to make sure everything is ok. No hurry. Just checking. Thx Michelle rhoades

  • EIleen Cashin

    Hi Corinne and the Ladies of the Woolly Thistle, I was wondering if you would have more of the Rauma Finull PT2. Farge: 4385. Parti: 92?

    I was thinking I was going to knit the new shawl by Patricia P4Chen but I have decided to use some of my hand spun and now I might like to make the Woolly a Thistle Vanilla Sweater and I just have three skeins, I will need more, just how much I am not sure but I’m sure you will have the answer.

    Hope you are all well.

    Forever knitting,


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