We are moving!

We are moving!

By Corinne Tomlinson

We are moving! We have been searching for a new home for some time that would offer us more space to grow. Lately we've been spilling out into the hallways next to our shop space because there is just no room to move. Due to the small size of our current space, and with COVID restrictions, we were having to limit the number of team members in the shop at any one time. We also need more space for our growing *stash* that we share with you! So the need for a bigger space was abundantly clear to all of us at The Woolly Thistle.

I started looking for buildings and retail shops but was having a hard time finding exactly what I thought we needed. I would dearly love a shop front so we could finally be a brick and mortar store and I know many of you would love to visit - but during this time of COVID it didn't make sense to pursue a shop front - and also - the affordable spaces are small. The truth is what we need is a warehouse. Granted, a small warehouse, but a warehouse none-the-less.

The perfect unit became available in the light industrial park near the airport in West Lebanon, NH. We are thrilled to have a new home because it's a much better configuration (a giant rectangle) and it's the perfect size for what we need at this time - space to spread out and space to build shelves for our gorgeous woolly wool. I have grand plans to have the most girlie warehouse there ever was. It's so exciting. (Apologies for not having photos to share just yet. They will come as soon as we get the keys!)


  • Yes, I have the same question as Martha. Do you have a retail place where customers can feel and purchase yarn?

    Yvette Ward
  • Where are you located in West Lebanon? Do you have a showroom or are you by mail only?
    I love the look of your yarns, but prefer to touch them before I buy.
    Thank you for your wonderful emails.

    Martha Brody
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