Shop Update: By Hand Serial #11 - New Hampshire & Vermont

Welcome to The Woolly Thistle's shop update!

Thank you for spending time with me here.

Links for everything mentioned are below! Enjoy.


TWT is giving 5% of all profits from January to WWF - Australia

This episode we are not giving a prize but instead are giving you a 5% discount on anything in the shop until the end of the month. Watch for the code!

'52 Weeks of Socks' by Laine PREORDERS open 2/8/20!!!!

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Shop Update mentions: By Hand Lookbook 11: VT & NH (with a Woolly Thistle mention!)

Rauma Yarns (for my FO and Wips)

Ann Budd Book of Top Down Sweaters

Seaweed Slipover Yarn Set

Code of Mittens

Mittens of Latvia

Scheepjes merino/nylon mini balls set (sitting in basket behind me)

John Arbon Textiles Knit By Numbers Gradient Sets

Gentle by Marie Wallin

Primrose Yarn set from Gentle by Marie Wallin

Mistletoe Tam set from Gentle by Marie Wallin

Meadow by Marie Wallin

Wildwood by Marie Wallin

Walnut Tam Kit in British Breeds

British Breeds 4ply Yarn by Marie Wallin

Shetland by Marie Wallin

Kate Davies Knitting Season, Wheesht and Bold Beginner Knits

Maja's Swedish Mittens

Knits from Scandinavia

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