Postcards from Fair Isle with Rachel of Barkland Croft: Part 4

Postcards from Fair Isle with Rachel of Barkland Croft: Part 4

By Maggie Nichols

Thank you for joining us! We're delighted that Rachel @Barkland Croft is checking in again from Fair Isle. Rachel is back this month with an update on her her sheep, knitting and life on Fair Isle. Be sure to watch Rachel's previous videos to learn more about her, her lovely sheep and island life! Join our email list so you’re always in the loop with our weekly Shopletter:

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  • Rachel I love your videos. They give me a peek at the crofter’s life. Your sheep are so wonderful eating their cookies! I like that you have named them, too. The dogs are hardworking! I’m looking forward to your cowl pattern…it’s so unique. Make more videos please.

  • Loved watching your sheep and hearing some of their names. Also enjoyed hearing their different bleats. Your cowl is beautiful! Can’t wait to get the pattern. What a gift you are giving us! So many sheep to raise and so much lovely wool. Thank you❣️

    Barbara Wood
  • I wouldn’t expect anything less than your summer weather!! I too would swap it out for this heat! And yes, always have thermals at the ready!! Sheep SO love their treats. Be well and thank you for taking the time to talk to us :)

  • Lovely video postcard. Love the sheep’s names!

  • Thank you for sharing the farm life again. It’s always wonderful to see life as it happens. My husband would love the cooler weather ‘almost’ year round; our summers are very humid and hot here.

    I think of wearing woollies ‘almost’ year round and can’t help smiling although when you live in it I’m sure it isn’t quite so fun. I didn’t know you could shear wet fleeces. I’ve helped a friend (in Ontario, Canada) and she always tries to bring in the sheep if it is forcast to rain because of the problem drying the fleeces. Understandably you haven’t shelter to put them in if you are working on the hills. Looking forward to the next update.

    Nancy MacMillan
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