Lambing Season with Rachel on Fair Isle

Lambing Season with Rachel on Fair Isle

By Maggie Nichols

Thank you for joining us! We're delighted that Rachel @Barkland Croft is checking in again from Fair Isle. This month she's giving us a peek at lambing season. Be sure to watch Rachel's previous video to learn more about her if you missed it.

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  • So adorable!! And so much work. Thank you for sharing. Couldn’t help but notice your Pittsburgh Pirates tee. I live in a small town just north of the city & am well acquainted with Pgh sports….Pirates, Steelers & Penguins. Our world is small, isn’t it? Do wish I could visit your’s!!

  • BE STILL MY HEART, so adorable and lovable. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to share your lambs with us. I love seeing your croft and hearing about your life.
    Many thanks!

  • Since I’m in my senior years, I don’t expect that I will ever have sheep and lambs. But I enjoy the glimpses you give us of your wonderful Croft and the insights you share of the hardship and joys. Thank you!

    Dolores Smith
  • I so enjoy watching your videos. Your lambs are absolutely adorable (as are all lambs in my opinion!) but the colours make your lambs especially special. Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with us all. I am looking forward to the next video,’

    Margaret Hamilton
  • Unable to MAKE youtube accept my password GRR thank you for letting me do this here, I Love and Applaud Rachel for doing the Hill Rota. what weather and it changes on a dime/ha’penny LOL. Take care, nice lambs.

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