How I Came to Live in Orkney & A Visit to North Lincolnshire by Isla

The sun setting in a cloudy sky over a lovely grassy field with trees in the distance.

 Swans swimming in a stream along side grassy fields.

A look up at the sky through the tops of the trees.

Hello, how are you?  I hope you don’t mind but this time I am writing, not from Orkney, but from North Lincolnshire, England nearly 600 miles away.  I know many of you have asked why I moved to Orkney.  This month I hope to share with you a bit about my past and my move to Orkney.

As I mentioned in my first post to you, I moved to Orkney three years ago.  However, before making the move north, I lived here in the county of North Lincolnshire for many years and before that in South Yorkshire (the county to the West next door). My move came after making the extremely difficult decision to separate from the person I had shared all of my adult life with (and remains to this day the closest of friends). It was an incredibly difficult time as I grieved for my old life while making plans for the future. Having been to Orkney I was captivated by it and I bought my house and moved north. Leaving my beloved rescue dog Fizz, my best friends, family and everything I knew was the hardest thing to do. My mental health suffered as a result of all the changes in my life but I felt that moving away and following this notion to move to Orkney was what I needed to do.

My amazing rescue dog Fizz would spend the spring and summers with me in Orkney enjoying the beaches and walks down the marina in Kirkwall and she would spent the dark winters with her Dad cosy by the fire in North Lincolnshire.  Sadly Fizz passed away last December after being with us for just over twelve years. Both myself and her Dad miss her enormously.

So this brings us to the present, and my long over due trip south to see family and friends. Last Wednesday night I caught the overnight ferry from Kirkwall to Aberdeen and drove down in Tam the Van to North Lincolnshire. It has been a busy but wonderful week so far. I spent the weekend a few miles South of the city of Lincoln catching up with my Auntie and then my brother and family whom I have not seen for two years. It was a fantastic few days and wonderful to spend time with my nephew and nieces again. I can’t believe how much they have grown and changed. We enjoyed walks to a nearby bridge and played Pooh Sticks and generally just chilled out and enjoyed each others company. I did my first driveway camp at my brothers too! 

Despite the iffy weather (I had been hoping for, and packed for, warm sunny weather!) I have explored new walks and revisited old ones along with spending time with my parents and my closest friends. I head back to Orkney in a couple of days and while I hate goodbyes this time it won’t be for so long. 

Take care



Isla sits with her niece and nephews stuffed toys in a car wearing a knit hat.

A brick bridge perfect for playing Pooh sticks.

A girl standing on a bridge holding a stick over the side playing Pooh Sticks while her family walks ahead of her.

A tree alongside a stream on a cloud day.

A deer spotted in the woods.



  • Catherine Cooke

    Refreshing to see your pictures this morning, since it is already 81 degrees at 9:am here in Vermont.continue to do the good work you are doing. Catherine

  • Lindy Barnes

    Isla, thank you for sharing part of your life story, your journey, with us. I thoroughly enjoy reading about your life in Orkney and also enjoyed reading this bit about your visit to England. The pictures you shared are beautiful. It’s nice to feel a connection to someone who lives on the other side of the Atlantic.

  • Nancy

    Our son went to the Univ of Glasgow for his veterinary degree. Upon graduation we took a trip up to the Highlands and happened to be in the village of John O’Groats. This was not a “planned” vacation and we didn’t know what we would be doing for the day. Of course we were right there where the ferry boats came in and there was a trip leaving for the Orkneys. What a wonderful time we had visiting the village, the beautiful church, then off to the Neolithic ruins and the monoliths. Wow! Can’t wait to return some day.

  • Martina

    Greetings from Sidney BC, Canada 🇨🇦
    I have really been enjoying your blog! You are an inspiration and thank you for sharing… cheers Martina 🌷

  • Barbara van Buskirk

    I love your posts and look forward to reading each one, Isla. Thank you so much for sharing more of your life story with us. You are an inspiration as one who, difficult as it was, decided to travel in a new direction, open a new chapter in your life, and is steering in your own ship! Congratulations and brava! Please keep writing and being guided by your true self to explore wondrous new paths.

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