BIPOC in Fiber

The Woolly Thistle is a proud supporter of BIPOC in Fiber.

What is BIPOC in Fiber?

BIPOC in Fiber is a website and resource portal. It's mission is to amplify and celebrate the work of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour working in the fibre Industry. 

The website will 

  • enable BIPOC working in the fibre industry to find and see one another 
  • enable event planners and publications to be more intentional
  • feature a beautiful, easily navigable directory celebrating BIPOC working with fibre
  • pool resources and articles designed to improve access to opportunities for BIPOC working with fibre

BIPOC in Fiber is the idea of Britain’s most prominent black knitwear designer, Jeanette Sloan. Jeanette and her team need your help to develop this project and its aims to the next level. 


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