Hello from Rachel on Fair Isle

My friend Rachel lives on Fair Isle and I'm thrilled to welcome her here to The Woolly Thistle blog showing us a bit of her life and work. I hope you enjoy her video as much as I do. I especially love seeing her sheep and hearing their adorable names and seeing their eager faces.  Rachel will be a regular contributor to our blog so be sure to leave her a comment letting her know you enjoyed her video!


  • Beth Knoedelseder

    Thanks for the tour of Fair Isle! What a beautiful place to live. I loved seeing all of your adorable sheep and hearing their names.

  • Ann

    Hi Rachel, lovely to meet you. Loved watching your video and am looking forward to seeing you next month.
    Sydney, Australia.

  • Melinda

    Hello Rachel out there in remote Fair Isle. It is such a welcome peek into your life there on your land with your dear flock (so nice to meet them and love their names). My mind goes traveling to Fair Isle which I would love to visit but doubt I will have that opportunity so armchair traveling and flights of imagination must suffice. I wonder what caused you to chose Fair Isle as a place to settle? You certainly have full days and nights too I am sure what with your flock, part time job and knitting/designing gig. Thank you for sharing with us. Your sweater design is absolutely gorgeous! Be well. It was interesting to hear the wind as you spoke – island ambiance.

  • Becky Wahl

    Hi Rachel! I loved your video. Fair Isle looks like a beautiful place to live. Are you totally surrounded by water? Your sheep are awesome. I’m anxious to try your yarn.

  • Anne B Kruger

    Rachel loved seeing your sheep, chickens, and meeting you. It sounds very windy there. I’m looking forward to further updates! Thanks-Anne, Lancaster, PA, USA

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