ShopCast: Vanilla Sweater #4 & Sock Sprint starts today!

By Corinne Tomlinson

There's a brand new ShopCast on Youtube so start your Friday night right with a catch up and a blether with me in the shop!

It's Cast On day for our Summer Sock Sprint where we'll be knitting socks for 2 weeks.  We invite you to join us and knit any socks you want in any yarn you want (it does not need to come from TWT!) 

We are hosting our Sock Sprint in our Ravelry group and also in our Facebook Group so you can choose where to join us. 

I am casting on the Before & After Socks by @heybrownberry and will be knitting them in Rauma's Merino/Yak sock yarn.  But that's not all!  We have a full show for you today (full of blether anyway!!) about what I'm knitting on currently, my finished Vanilla #4, and the completion of my Rauma sock experiment. 

It's a full episode so I do hope you join me and enjoy it.  We have a giveaway and as usual to enter be sure to leave a comment, give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. 

Have a great weekend!! Corinne

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