Shopcast #211 Maggie knits with beige, Corinne gets a cat, & a blackout on Fair Isle

By Jill Schroeder

The dynamic duo is back this week sharing WIPs, FOs, stories of holiday fun and a new addition to Corinne's family. All that and we'll hear from Caitlin about two WIPs gone awry, and a visit from Rachel and a candlelit Fair Isle postcard. 


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00:00 Intro

00:47 Welcome & Stories

12:31 FOs & Winner #1

24:28 Caitlin’s Knitting Challenges

39:18 Coming in the Shop at Noon!

51:05 5-ply, Gift Guide & Tukuwool

01:04:24 Fair Isle Postcard!

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What We're Wearing

Maggie is wearing Humulus by Isabell Kraemer in Ulcentrum 3 ply, knit by her sister



Corinne is wearing Cambridge by Kim Barnette in Ulcentrum 3 ply 

And her 2-color Tapestry Cowl in Rauma Finullgarn


Finullgarn colors

Finullgarn neutrals


Our FOs

Maggie’s WIPs

Tessellated Vest by Andrea Mowry in J & S colorway 202 with Woolly Mammoth Dorset and handspun 

Shorty Sock in Biches & Bûches Le Sock Yarn colorway Red Mountains

Homespun Icelandic Wool from Frelsi Farm

Stash Diving Man Sock

Corinne’s WIP

Snowdrop Socks by Fox & Folk in Rambler Golden Fern 

Visit with Caitlin

Wearing: Vanilla Sweater with stripes in Rauma Finullgarn 4136 & 4121


Tii Pullover by Joji Locatelli in Tukuwool DK

Cottongrass by thepetiteknitter in Melanated Boho Bae fiber & Battenkill Fibers Adirondak DK

Cowl with pattern from Selbu Patterns by Anne Bardsgard

Going Live Today at Noon EST

Woolly Mammoth Hearth Sock Sets

Echoes by Susan Crawford 

Latvian Christmas Sock Sets

More in the Shop

Delayed: Softly – Timeless Knits by Sari Nordlund

Yarn - The Journal of Scottish Yarns  #4 

ChiaoGoo Shorties, single sets

J&S 5-ply Gansey yarn is coming soon

Apothecary by thepetiteknitter in Manchelopis by WoolDreamers 

Holiday Gift Guide 

Membership Interest Wait List 

Tukuwool Fingering 

Saskie Sweater by The Petite Knitter


Rachel’s Fair Isle Postcard


Find her at-



Website: Includes “Adopt a Sheep” page!

Support her at: or 

We’d love to see any of your FO’s from our yarn or patterns as well!  Use #thewoollythistle to have your FO included in a future shopcast!

Thank you for watching! If you go out, take your knitting!

Video editing: Intelligent Octopus

1 Comment

  • Hello TWT Folks,
    I’m having so much fun watching past “shopcasts.” Thank you for all of them! I have one request, please: Please put the yarns used, including colorways, in the written words (as you do the patterns and creators of the patterns). Sometimes it’s impossible to decipher from the chatting what yarns you’re using. Thank you.

    Also, I’m a longtime Elizabeth Zimmermann and Schoolhouse Press fan. What EZ and Meg and now Cully have to offer seems a shoe-in with your yarns. I’ll bet a lot of your new and not-so-new knitters aren’t familiar with EZ and the history of what EZ means to us knitters who love her. Offering their books/patterns would be grand, imho. And I just happened to have had a book published by them in 2010, “Spinning Around – Spinning, Dyeing, and Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Classics.” Perhaps some of your customers would find it useful and interesting. Thank you.

    Cheers, Jeannine (Jenny) Bakriges


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