Shopcast 159: Black Friday Hangover



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00:00 Intro & Giveaway #1

7:08 FOs and WIPs

26:20 What’s New In The Shop

42:06 What’s Coming Soon

46:13 Emma on Gift Knitting


Ravelry Group: The Woolly Thistle

Facebook Group:

Ravelry, Corinne: thewoollythistle

Instagram: @thewoollythistle

Facebook Page: The Woolly Thistle

If you were one of the TWO giveaway winners in this episode, please send us an email to with “WINNER” in the subject line.

Maggie is wearing her Chevron Delight Infinity Scarf in her own handspun yarn! 

Corinne is wearing the Bluebells sweater by Kate Davies in Jamieson & Smith 

From her Yokes book: 


Maggie- Yarn spinning samples from Yarnadelic tops

Plotulopi Sweater based on the Tulip Sweater by Melody Hoffmann 



Lettlopi & Biches & Bûches socks, Lodge Socks pattern by Ozetta 

Fluffy Vanilla Sweater in Rauma Finullgarn & Mohair

Currently on Knitting Barber Cords, they are life-changing! 

YT Card: Read Emma on the Blog! TC: 00:25:10:12 

In the Shop!

Gnomes knitted by Maggie and her sister.  Pattern by Imagined Landscapes

Shetland Wool Week 2021 


Shetland Wool Adventure Vol 3 


Knitting Buddies!  Find the Ravelry Thread if you’d like to connect to a buddy. 

This Long Thread by Jen Hewett 

Worsted by La Bien Aimee & Laine 

New Colors for Yarnadelic 


Coming soon!

Jamieson & Smith Cones 

Laine 13 pre-order.  Launches December 10th 

Project bags from @thishandmadelife will be available at 10am in the shop!

Find her on Instagram:

Woolly Thistle Fan Packs 

Emma on Project Knitting

Wearing Afmæli knit in Lettlopi 


Da Crofter’s Kep by Wilma Malcolmson  



Maalie by MJ Mucklestone in Fair Isle Weekend


Ravelry pattern- 

Da Mirknen Mitts by Alison Rendall from Shetland Wool Adventures Vol 1. 

Skerries Mittens by Marie Wallin from Shetland 

Ravelry pattern- 

We’d love to see any of your FO’s from our yarn or patterns as well!  Use #thewoollythistle to have your FO included in a future shopcast!

Thank you for watching!  If you go out, take your knitting!

Corinne's gold bangles from

Video editing: Intelligent Octopus 

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