Shopcast Episode 144: Cardigan Design, Steeking & Our NEW Thistle Knitter's Sock Bag!

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What am I wearing?  My Star Cardi!

Star Cardi Kits by Donna Kay
The pattern is free when you purchse $85 of Jamieson & Smith

What am I knitting?

The Vams Cardi (not it’s final name!) is nearly finished!
Knitted in Rauma Vams, of course.
We’re hoping to have the pattern ready to release in late July! In time for…
Our annual sweater KAL is coming in August.
We are also considering a course for this Cardi, and the garment construction.

Let us know if you’d be interested!

Our Sock Sprint is coming in July!
The Thistle Knitter’s Socks Bag is coming in June.
We’re still waiting for a few pieces.
Leave a comment suggesting a name for our knitter!
Join our waitlist for the Thistle Knitter’s Socks Bag today!
Pre-orders open June 18th!

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If you were named as the winner in this episode, email with Subject: WINNER & we’ll mail you your $25 Gift Card.

FO: Balvraid Hap by Rita Taylor
Shetlands Wool Adventures Journal Vol. 01 & 02 are available

Pom Pom 37-Summer is now available. Marie Wallin is in stock! Use “Notify me” if you want the Primrose: OR Primrose Eau de Nil:

Rauma Finullgarn was just restocked If you’ve been waiting for a Vanilla Sweater color, it should be here now!

Be sure to sign up for the Thistle Knitter’s Sock Bag! Coming soon!

Be sure to tag your knitting with #thewoollythistle to have your FO included in a future shopcast!

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If you go out, wear a mask & take your knitting!

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