Shopcast 140: Cowls, Kits and Knits!

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What am I wearing? My springtime Vanilla Sweater in Rauma Finullgarn color 466. 



My Tapestry Cowl.  It was in surgery, and has come out beautifully!

If you post your finished Tapestry Cowl on Instagram or Facebook, be sure to use #tapestrycowl and #thewoollythistle so we can see your work!


On the bouncers, both knitted in Lettlopi and now available as yarn kits!   

Felix Sweater by Amy Christoffers @SavoryKnitting 

Felix Pullover Yarn Set 

Felix Cardigan Yarn Set

Riddari Sweater by Védís Jónsdóttir

Riddari Yarn Set 


Spring Morning/Vormorgun Vest pattern from Lopi Design.


What am I knitting now?

Monochromatic Tapestry Cowl, in Rauma Finullgarn.  Kits will be available soon.


What’s in the shop?

Daughter of a Shepherd 

5 year anniversary drawstring bags 

 The Woolly Thistle gauge rulers from Katrinkles will be in the shop soon!


Book Pre-orders!

Laine 11  will be live May 7th! Pre-order now and get it for release day!

52 Weeks of Shawls by Laine will be live on April 30th!

By Hand #15- Rhode Island , live early May.

Shetlands Wool Adventures Journal Vol. 02, live May 28th. 

Vol. 1 is being reprinted also! So, if you missed it, now is the time to grab your copy!


I remembered to give a short introduction about myself!  My first knit in the states was Kate Davies Owlet sweater for my daughter.

Kate Davies 10 Years in the Making 


My early audio podcast interviews included:

Theresa (@greatbaywoolworks) 

Harrisville Designs 

Melody Hoffman (@bmandarines) 

Michael Hampton (@hamptonfibermill)


Star Cardi kits are still in process.  We are waiting on yarn from Jamieson & Smith.  


John Arbon-

Exmoor Sock Yarn 

And Devonia 4-ply.  


Henrietta kits are still an idea. Mine was knit using Rauma Strikkegarn.

Pattern is Fancy Hen by Ella Austin


Jamieson’s Spindrift is here!  We are not offering kits.  

Rowan Felted Tweed


Rosamund by Marie Wallin.

Uist Wool stock-up and new wools coming! 

Blacker Gotland is coming in 100g skeins

Blacker Jacob  

Faire Magazine  


Thank you for watching!  If you go out, wear a mask & take your knitting!





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Corinne's gold bangles found at


Video editing:Erika Jones


  • Becky Wahl

    👍I’m right there with you Corinne! I don’t like coffee either. I love the smell of it but just can’t drink it! So I drink Diet Pepsi all the time. My husband said he wished he had stick in it! Too funny! I’ve tried to drink more water but I’m just not a water person! So a toast to us with our cokes!!

    I am working on my tapestry cowl and am so excited to be knitting it. I received my lucious VIP taster box. It’s awesome!

  • Jane Stratton

    Enjoy your show. I recently found your wonderful shop and am delighted with my order. So nice to see so much of what you have available!

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