Shopcast #139 Saving the Best for Last!

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What am I wearing?

Vanilla Sweater in Rauma Finullgarn 4128

Last week, I wore my Silver Forest by Jennifer Steingass (, knitted in Jamieson & Smith Supreme.


Baa-ble Hat Tea Cozy by Donna Smith, in Rauma Vams PT3

On the knitting shelf-

Henrietta kits are still an idea.  If you’d like to test knit it, leave a comment below!

Mine was knit using Rauma Strikkegarn

Pattern is Fancy Hen by Ella Austin. 

WYS 4-ply Seasons Sock Yarn.


Agatha Socks 

Star Cardi kits are still in process.  We are waiting on yarn.


What’s in the shop?

52 Weeks of Shawls by Laine

Faire Magazine  

Making Stories 5  

Embody by Pom Pom

Strands of Joy  

WYS Spice Rack Collection sock yarn 

Radiant Star Cowl kits by Ella Gordon 



Tapestry Cowl in black on gray in Rauma Finullgarn.  It’ll be about 200g of yarn.  We’ll have a kit for this too!

Tapestry Cowl kits for the original colors are still waiting on yarn!  

Foula Snood by Donna Smith (as a size example!)


Back to the shop!

Marie Wallin’s British Breeds yarn

Blacker Tamar 4-ply and DK 

Blacker Lyonesse 4-ply and DK

Blacker Swan 4-ply and DK  

Regia Merino Yak 

Chiaogoo Needles 

Old Hand Knitters of the Dales 

Alice Starmore’s Tudor Roses and Glamourie 

Wild Color by Jenny Dean

Harvesting Color: How to Find Plants and Make Natural Dyes by Rebecca Burgess 

Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans 

VIP Taster Box!

Thank you for watching!  If you go out, wear a mask & take your knitting!





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Video editing:Erika Jones

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  • Barbara Wood

    Learning about “The Shepherd’s Life”, all the wonderful sheep that give us our favorites things ((wool and fiber), Rauma and now Orkney has made me feel so content and happy….at peace you might say. I look forward to the shop cast like it is a big fat ice cream cone. Thank you for your humor, wisdom and inspiration in trying new things made in your gorgeous yarns!

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