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6th Annual Sweater Knit-A-Long

We're casting on August 25th!

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There are so many great sweaters to knit and we've put together lots of new sweater sets to inspire you!!

If you've finished your sweater, be sure to complete the FO (finished object) Form. It's simple to complete and it means your officially prize eligible!

Knit-A-Long with any adult sweater pattern

Details: Knit any adult-sized sweater using any yarn you choose! Sweater should be at least 80% yarn purchased at TWT.

This is a virtual knit-along that takes place mainly in our Facebook and Ravelry groups. Visit there to see others' projects and post your own updates! You'll also receive several emails from us that are specific to the KAL throughout the event.

Dates: August 25th - October 13th. Join us in our Ravelry or Facebook group for this 7 week KAL.

Prizes: TWT offers several prizes to those who finish their sweater within the guidelines (below).

1. $100 TWT Gift Card

2. Harris Tweed Project Bag filled with 3.3oz Eucalan Wool Wash, Knitting Barber Wool Comb, and darning pebble

3. Flowers of Fortrose Mittens Kit (choice of J&S or Lamullgarn) with the new Colorwork Course!

Additional Prizes from designers to be added soon!

To be eligible for prizes: Select any adult sweater pattern (or all-over colorwork vest) and knit using new or previously purchased yarn from TWT. Projects can be knit or crocheted and must be made with at least 80% TWT yarn. Finish your project within the KAL dates to be prize eligible.

Winners will be chosen from among sign-up participants that have completed the FO (finished object) Form. It's simple to complete!

Winners are chosen at random, announced in our groups and notified by email that they've won!

We've been putting together lots of new sweater sets to inspire you!


It's free. Use the purple section of this page to enter your email, name, Ravelry ID and Facebook Name if applicable! Click "Sign Me Up" and you're officially in!

Knit or crochet any adult sized sweater (or all-over colorwork vest) using 80% yarn purchased at TWT at any point.

Yes! We love to play matchmaker. We've put together lots of sweater kits and yarn sets to spark your interest. If you need help selecting a pattern or the yarn to use for a pattern, just email us at

August 25 - October 13

This KAL is for community building and fun. Even if you don't think you'll finish, join us for the positive support and motivation of knitting other Thistlers. In order to be prize eligible, sweaters must be started and finished within the KAL dates.

Sign up to participate in our Sweater KAL through the free sign-up form on this page.

To enter to win a prize, please submit a 2023 Sweater KAL FO (finished object) Form once your project is completed. You'll need to share your name, yarn choice, pattern choice, and either a link to your project on the web or your FB or Rav username so we can find where you've shared a photo of your FO.

If you've KALed with us before, you'll know this is a new prize drawing format. Previously we've asked you to post in our FB or Ravelry groups to be eligible. We do still hope you share progress and FOs in those places so we can all celebrate your makes! Our goal with the FO Form is to make prize drawing as straightforward and fair as possible, while keeping the incentive of finishing a project as one of the criteria. If you have any questions about how to submit an FO form, please let us know at!

  • TWT $100 Gift Card
  • TWT Harris Tweed Project Bag filled with 3.3oz Eucalan Wool Wash, Knitting Barber Wool Comb, and darning pebble
  • Flowers of Fortrose Mittens Kit (choice of J&S or Lamullgarn) with the new Colorwork Course!
  • Additional Prizes to be added soon!

Along with your KAL Sign Up and FO Form, we would love for you to join us in our Facebook Group, Ravelry Group, and/or Instagram. #2023twtsweaterkal

There is so much motivation. support, and inspiration among Thistlers in all of these platforms.

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Hi there!!
My Name is Corinne

I started my yarn journey on the longest night of the year, back in December 2011, when I embarked on knitting Kate Davies' Owlet Sweater for my then 5 year old daughter.

I had learned to knit (and had knitted various garments) as a young girl in Scotland but had put the knitting down for several years. Upon picking up my new circular needles on that December night, and while following the well written and friendly pattern by Kate Davies, a new appreciation and enjoyment for knitting grew and quickly became a passionate pursuit. I am from Scotland and immigrated to the USA in 1992.

Through knitting and actively participating in the world-wide knitting community, I have been able to keep connections with Scotland in a way that wasn't possible before. The act of knitting as well as being a part of a community of Knitters has brought a lot of happiness to my day-to-day life and now provides me full-time employment importing British and European yarns for those of us here in the USA.

Now it is my wish and desire to bring that same joy and happiness into the lives of others as well. Come join the fun in our community! See you there!