Marie Wallin

Aran Collection

The Woolly Thistle is thrilled to offer Marie Wallin's Aran Collection.

This collection features a new yarn, Aran, and book with 12 gorgeous, new designs.

Important Dates:

Yarn Available Now
Books Available Now
April 26th: Kits Available

Marie Wallin: British Designer

Marie Wallin is a renowned British designer and yarn enthusiast who has made a significant impact in the world of knitting and design. Many of us know and love Marie's 4ply fingering weight yarn called British Breeds. With this woolly yarn in a gorgeous color palette, she has created a stunning line of designs that showcase the beauty and versatility of these unique fibers. We are very excited for the release of Marie's Aran Collection!! This is an exciting addition of the Aran yarn (which is known as a Worsted Weight in the US) and the Aran book.

Loved by Thistlers, Marie Wallin is known for her intricate patterns and timeless aesthetic. She seamlessly blends traditional knitting techniques with modern design sensibilities. Her attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in each piece she creates, making her work highly sought after by knitters around the globe.

New Book

ARAN is the first collection using Marie Wallin's new British Breeds Aran yarn. This collection of 12 designs is mainly inspired by traditional Fairisle motifs, ornamental patterning, more intricate twisted stitch, and traditional cabling textures. The book, containing all of the beautifully photographed designs, is available for $42.95.

Many of the garments silhouettes are an easy or oversized fit. As the Aran yarn is twice as thick as the standard British Breeds yarn, these designs are heavier weight garments that are comfortable to wear with many different outfits.

The Aran Collection includes:

  • 5 pullover sweaters
  • 4 cardigans
  • 1 slipover (vest)
  • 2 accessories (tam and scarf)

New Yarn
Marie Wallin Aran

Marie Wallin's brand new yarn, Aran, is here in 12 beautiful colors. This yarn is comparable to a worsted weight yarn here in the US. It is exactly twice as thick as Marie's British Breeds 4ply. Therefore, at $11.95 per ball, it is a more affordable way to knit heavier weight garments!

The composition of this yarn is the same as her British Breeds 4ply. Using the following British Breeds provides the perfect mix of characteristics to this yarn:

  • Bluefaced Leicester - softness
  • Exmoor Horn - softness and "cleanness"
  • Romney - strength and luster
  • Zwartbles - bounce and "sheepy" smell!

The Aran Collection by Marie Wallin

Marie Wallin's new collection, Aran, features 12 beautiful designs. The yarn and books are available now. Colorwork kits will be available on April 26th.

See all of the designs here for inspiration and planning!

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Marie Wallin

British Breeds 4ply

Marie Wallin's original British Breeds Yarn is a 4ply Fingering weight yarn. It is the perfect yarn for Fairisle and colorwork knitting.

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