Colorwork for Hygge Lovers

We are kicking off our Colorwork Accessories KAL in just one week! With so many patterns, color combinations, and kits available, we know many Thistlers are scratching their heads trying to decide what they will cast on Friday, February 17th. To help we’ve compiled a bundle of colorwork accessory patterns on Ravelry and are putting together our best suggestions into a blog series.


Last time on our blog, we highlighted projects for those who are new to colorwork as well as some beginner-friendly yarns to help get you started. This week is dedicated to the Thistlers who love all things Hygge: a Norwegian & Danish word used to describe the feeling of coziness and contentedness. We imagine the perfect Hygge moment as one wrapped up in wool making a cozy new knit, and hope that these patterns provide the perfect moment of Hygge for you this KAL!

Historical Hand Designs

With winter wind still biting at our fingers, mittens and gloves are a perfect option for a KAL project! Inspired by a one time exhibition at the Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum, we were so lucky to get the english version of Anne Bårdsgård’s Selbu Mittens in the store. This book is a dive into the rich history of this Norwegian knitting tradition and features 35 different mitten and glove patterns along with short biographies of the original designers. You can also flip through pages of traditional motifs for thumbs, palms, edgings, and cuffs to further customize your mitten. 

Image of black and white mittens from Selbu Mittens book by Anna Barsgard

Inside Anna Bardsgard's Selbu Mittens book

Inside Anna Bardsgard's Selbu Mittens book

Excerpts from Anne Bårdsgård’s Selbu Mittens

If you want to pair your Norwegian motifs with Norwegian wool, Rauma Finullgarn makes a perfect fit. This sturdy workhorse yarn will hold up against the cold and comes in so many colors, you are bound to find the perfect combination. 

Colorful rainbow skeins of Rauma Finullgarn from The Woolly Thistle

Check out our selection of Rauma Finullgarn in Neutrals, Colors, and Heathers now. 

Toasty Toes

Ovis Socks by The Petite Knitter

Ovis Socks by the petite knitter 

© thepetiteknitter

There is nowhere we don’t love a sheep motif, and what better way to keep your foot warm on the go with these super woolly socks? We love how the sheep on the Ovis socks peek out of your boots and have a sweet pattern throughout the rest of the sock to keep the colorwork fun going! These socks are knit with a rustic lace weight wool such as Garthenor Number 1 and softened up with a strand of mohair like Rauma Plum. For those who don’t want their socks as “sheepy”, or at least machine washable, try knitting it up in Jagger Spun’s Mousam Falls Sock yarn!

Natural skeins of Garthenor No. 1 from The Woolly Thistle

Garthenor No. 1 in a Woolly Rainbow

Hygge Around the House 

For those wanting a slightly quicker project for their feet, slippers are the way to go. We are big fans of Kristin Drysdale of Scandiwork – you can find her Nordic Knitting Primer in our shop which is a fantastic intro to Norwegian colorwork. We especially love her slipper patterns that knit up super quick in DK weight. These projects are perfect to keep your feet toasty on cold floors in winter! 

Slippers page from inside Nordic Knitting Primer by Kristin Drysdale from The Woolly Thistle

From Kristin Drysdale’s Nordic Knitting Primer

Check Out Slipper Patterns by Scandiwork on Ravelry

Drysdale’s patterns feature a Woolly Thistle favorite from Rauma: Strikkegarn! This DK weight Norwegian wool comes in 43 colors, meaning you have a rainbow of possibilities to work with. For an extra dense and Hygge knit, we recommend pairing them up beautifully with dense, rustic yarns such as Tukuwool DK: a woolen spun Finnish wool that warms you right up.

Skeins of Strikkegarn by Rauma from The Woolly Thistle

Skeins of Tukuwool DK from The Woolly Thistle

We hope that these Hygge inspired knits are the perfect pattern for your KAL project. With just a week until cast-on day, we cannot wait to see which yarns, colors, and designs you choose. Tune in next week for our next KAL Knitspiration blog post, and don’t forget to sign up!

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