Colorwork Accessories KAL FAQs

Thanks for your interest in joining us for our annual Colorwork Accessories Knit-along! Here you'll find answers to some of the common questions about this KAL. We hope this answers everything you're wondering about! If not, feel free to email us at We hope to see you for our upcoming KAL!


1. What are the dates?

Cast-on day is February 17th, and we'll have a Facebook LIVE that day where we'll kick things off. The KAL ends on March 18th - you have until midnight ET (give or take) to post a photo of your finished project to be entered for a prize.


2. How do I join?

Please let us know you're participating by signing up for free on our website here. We'll send a couple KAL related emails leading up to and throughout the KAL.

To share your project, see others, and be eligible for prizes, join our Facebook and/or Ravelry group. If you're not in either of these places, you can submit a photo of your finished project via email to to be entered for a prize.

When sharing on Facebook, Ravelry, or on Instagram, use the hashtag #2023twtcolorkal so we can all find you! You can follow that hashtag as well to see others' work.


3. What qualifies as colorwork?

Your project should be all-over colorwork (not just a section, but most of the piece should be colorwork), and can include stranded (fair isle), mosaic, or intarsia methods.


4. What qualifies as an accessory?

We are focusing on wearable accessories. Accessories include colorwork cowls, socks, hats, scarves, shawls, mitts or mittens.


5. What yarns can I use?

To be eligible for prizes, project should mostly be made with TWT yarns (around 80% or more).


6. What if my project doesn't fit within these requirements?

You are still welcome to join us if your project doesn't fit these requirements (you bought the yarn elsewhere, your project isn't all-over colorwork or an accessory, etc). The point is for everyone to join in, feel welcome, and knit and learn together! However, only qualified finished projects will be considered for the prizes at the end of the KAL.


We look forward to having you join us!!

Sign up for the KAL today!


  • Agatha

    Loved making the Flowers of Fortrose hat so much using my own stash I just ordered some TWT J&S yarn to make another one, yay!!

  • Lisa Bishop

    I will be participating in the cowl;)

  • Marilyn

    I signed up & got confirmation email. How do I access Corrine’s hat pattern?

  • Patricia Kuster

    Hi, I am pretty sure that I am signed up with both groups, FB and Ravelry. I received the email confirmation. I chose the Glacier Park cowl by Caitlin Hunter and downloaded it from Ravelry. I ordered all the yarn from TWT and see it is shipping today. I ordered 2 colors because they were both so pretty so I will decide which to use when I get them. I have been practicing the two hand technique. This is my first color work so I am really excited!

  • Sandra Bilbrey

    Hap. Another word for shawl? What might be difference and origin?

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