Christmas to New Years Challenge!

“I had the thought recently that I needed a gold sparkly sweater (inspired by Tracie of the Grocery Girls) for the holidays, but was kind of disappointed thinking I wouldn’t have time to knit one. There’s just too much holiday knitting to get through. But I had all this gold yarn—merino wool, mohair/silk, and a gold thread with sequins—ready to go! How could I resist?

I thought about how nice it would be to have a gold, glittery Christmas sweater, but I already have a Christmas sweater. It’s bright red with reindeer and trees all over the yoke! This one was more…a New Year’s sweater. And what better time to try and knit a whole sweater in a week than those cold, frosty, stay-at-home days between Christmas and New Year’s?

gold skeins of yarn

Cue myself initiating a challenge…what if I cast on the sweater on Christmas, after all the gift knitting has been done (I hope!), and try to finish it by New Year’s Eve? Can I do it? Can I knit the sweater and block it so that I can wear it on New Year’s Eve? I think I can do it. I think we could all use a little bit of selfish knitting after Christmas this year. Maybe you’re not even working on holiday knits, but let’s face it, a lot of us are pretty busy during December for one reason or another, and it’s nice to care for ourselves after we’ve spent so much of our lives caring for others.

Want to join me? Let’s knit something nice for ourselves…or maybe someone else! We’ll start on Christmas Day (or even Christmas Eve, if you want to get a head start!) and try and wrap it up by midnight on New Year’s Eve. If you don’t finish, no pressure. Finish on your timeline! This is your self-care project!”

Join us by posting in our FB and Ravelry groups or on Instagram using the hashtag #twtnewyearschallenge so we can see what you're working on!


  • Karen Glass

    I want a pair of Lettilopi mittens. I will order the yarn from you tomorrow. I always get one mitten done, then lose the momentums. I think I will ask a friend to join me so she can help get me through that doldrum stage which surely will be after new years since it may take a while to get the yarn.

  • Kathy Augustine

    I am in! My challenge will be a hat with a cable. “The Portland Cap”. I have never tried making a cable and I need a hat, so win win! Fun!

  • Denise

    I tried organizing my yarn during quarantine only to realize I have TOO MUCH for the space I have to store it. So, I committed to getting some of it knit up. I’ll start today and try to finish by New Year’s! I’ll post pics!

  • Jen Maitreya

    What a great idea! Emma, the yarns you are putting together are fabulous! I will join, starting today (Christmas Eve) as soon as I figure out what I want to knit! Happy Knitting, everyone!

  • Janice Sandlin

    I would like to knit my way through Norwegian Knitting Designs 90 years later. I have made a sweater and gloves but what I really want to do is make some rustic socks. As a garment knitter socks still remain a challenge, so I will join you tomorrow and cast on. Good luck to all 🥰🧶

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