Celebrating The Woolly Thistle Community, January 2023

Hi, Thistlers,

We are constantly inspired and delighted by our community members. 

You are the best! 

Thank you for showing up to express your enthusiasm, for offering your knowledge, for asking questions that help all of us grow, and for engaging kindly with other members of The Woolly Thistle community. We love to see you in our Facebook and Ravelry groups, on Instagram, on our YouTube channel, in our emails, in our knit-alongs, in the Knitting Buddies program, and on our website.

Now it's our turn to share the love! We hope you enjoy this first selection of the incredible works being made by Thistlers around the country, and around the world.



Fabulous FO Photos by You!


 Lomachrome wears a deep blue Lettlopi textured Dustland Sweater by Stephen West

Lettlopi really shines in Lomachrome's Dustland Sweater by Stephen West!


 jmpedals wears an all-over colorwork knitted Aisling sweater by Marie Wallin, knitted in British Breeds yarn from The Woolly Thistle

jmpedals finished the sleeves of a beautiful Aisling Sweater by Marie Wallin during our Christmas to New Years Challenge!


Tarasignatknits wears a colorwork beanie or tam style Mistletoe Tam hat by Marie Wallin in British Breeds yarn from The Woolly Thistle 

TaraSignetKnits' Christmas to New Years Challenge was this stunning Mistletoe Tam by Marie Wallin. We'll be restocking kits here soon!


 susa1661 wears a beautiful Fern and Feather sweater by Jennifer Steingass

susa1661 has finished her Fern and Feather in Lettlopi during this month's Jen Steingass knit-along!



Be Featured in a Future TWT Community Blog!

As you can tell, we love shining the spotlight on your projects! Here's how to share your projects, made in Woolly Thistle yarns, with us and perhaps have them featured in an upcoming Community blogpost! 

  • Post a photo in our Facebook or Ravelry group
  • Tag us @thewoollythistle and use the hashtag #thewoollythistle on Instagram
  • Or send us an email with a photo of your project at info@thewoollythistle.com



Become a Shopcast Guest!

Image graphic for becoming a Shopcast contributor for The Woolly Thistle's YouTube Channel 

Are you a video lover? We want to hear from you, too!

If you'd like to learn more about contributing a video of your TWT projects to be shown on our Shopcast, please put together a short video (5 minute or less) showing us your FO, what you knitted it in, any changes you made, or if you knitted it to pattern. Doing so will show others what looks great and what you’re enjoying!

If you're interested in being part of the Shopcast, email us at info@thewoollythistle.com so we can get a time slotted for you. All content is prerecorded so you can make several attempts. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just good lighting and audio. We look forward to hearing from you!


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  • Marilyn

    I don’t actually understand the knit along Kal, completely. Do we all have our own project, and start on the same day? And share it? Or is there a kit from wooly thistle that we work on? I’m interested. I’m from Canada so I’d appreciate a discount 😉

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