Shopcast 224: Taster Box, Vest KAL, and a Finished Donkey

By Caitlin Johnson


On this episode, Corinne and Maggie have lots to share about their knitting adventures as well as new things in the shop. We also have lovely segments from Kelsey and Emma, and a big look into the 2024 Taster Box which has almost sold out!

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00:00 Intro

0:47 Welcome & a Winner

06:14 Wearing & WIPs

25:26 Kelsey’s Socks, Tee & Tapestry

42:07 Upcoming KALs

52:02 On the Bouncers & Taster Box!

1:07:49 Q&A Fiber Types & Prep + Summer Storage

1:15:21 Emma’s Gansey & Texture in Socks

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