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2023 Spring Taster Box

Early Access sign up has now closed. The 2023 Spring Taster Box will be available on Friday, 5/19 at Noon if supplies last.


Our Spring Taster Box is a generous collection of TWT's most special yarns. Limited in supply and loved by all, this year's Box includes 800 grams of storied woolly wool along with special treasures to delight yarn connoisseurs.

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This year's Spring Taster Box is $249.95.

TWT's 2023 Spring Taster Box Yarn Details

Black Isle - Auchen

Bluefaced Leiscester, Shetland, and Cheviot breeds create this special edition 3 ply yarn. Grown in the Scottish Highlands and spun in the UK in all its natural, undyed beauty.

Light DK Weight; 273 yards total

Woolly Mammoth - Dorset

Limited Edition 4ply 100% Dorset wool. Available only in this box and such a treasure in its natural creamy white.

Fingering Weight; 437 yards total

Tukuwool DK

100% Finnish wool with a firm but gentle hand, perfect for textured cable knitting in a beautiful array of vibrant heathered colors.

DK Weight; 273 yards total

Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper

100% Real Shetland wool is an iconic woolly yarn. Available here in a variety of four coordinating colors for your next colorwork project

FIngering Weight, 500 yards total.

West Yorkshire Spinners Jacob

100% British Aran Wool from the fleece of the distinctive Jacob breed. Four natural shades of these Jacob sheep graze in Britain and offer this cozy yarn while preserving the Jacob sheep.

Aran Weight; 506 total yards

WoolDreamers Mota

Soft and lofty yarn from fleeces selected from ranches in the heart of Castill-La Mancha. This merino and manchega blend comes with a lovely story and low carbon footprint.

3ply DK Weight; 504 total yards

Spring Taster Box Treasures

- A Set of Hannah Longmuir Notelets

- Two 3-packs of Norwegian Pewter Buttons

- The Woolly Thistle Sticker Pack

- The Woolly Thistle Large Tote (2-sided)

- Pin from the Faroe Islands (not pictured)

- Pattern Suggestion Card (not pictured)