Yarnologie Volume 3 Magazine cover. Photo of sheep in a field. Mountains in background.
Yarnologie Volume 3 Magazine page spread. Left page: photo of children smiling with raw wool. Right page: 3 knitted sweaters folded.
Yarnologie Volume 3 Magazine page spread. Three photos: wool cakes and hanks in pink, teal, dark green, mustard, cream.
Yarnologie Volume 3 Magazine page spread. Three photos: wool cakes and hanks in pink, teal, dark green, mustard, cream.
Yarnologie Volume 3 Magazine page spread. Left page article title "3 Tips for Storing Your Winter Woolies this Summer." Right page: photo of folded knitting on wooden chair with knitting needles and measuring tape.
Yarnologie Volume 3 Magazine page spread. Three photos: yarnbombed tree truck, sewing yarnbomb wrap onto a column, series of colorful yarnbombed columns.

Yarnologie Volume 3

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Yarnologie is an Australian owned and made publication - a Journal for knitters and crocheters. We are delighted by the lovely photography, articles, and designs featured in these publications. 

Volume 3 is the beautiful Autumn/Winter edition with so much woolly information and beautiful photography. (Labeled Spring/Summer because it's an Australian publication.) All three volumes of Yarnologie are now available in the shop!

128 pages
Dimensions: 8.25" x 11.5"
Printed in Australia using sustainable practices & high-quality FSC-certified paper.

Published: November 2022

In Volume 3: 

  • Straight Off the Sheep's Back (Cover Story)
    From a generational family farm in the stunning New Zealand countryside of North Canterbury comes The Grumpy Merino. We chatted to Sarah Reed who has just begun her adventure into the world of wool through her new business, The Grumpy Merino. From breeding and growing the fleece to spinning the yarn into blankets and yarn, Sarah manages every single stage. This is an inspiring story and one you won’t want to miss!

  • Mohair Flair
    Has your eye been caught by all of those ethereal mohair yarns that seem to be everywhere at the moment? In this article, we road-tested brushed mohair yarn blends to give you ideas on how to use them in knitting and crocheting, sharing our tips and tricks for this fabulous fibre.

  • Knitwear designer Pru Raymond explores the concept of knitters as artists in this interesting and insightful piece. Also on the topic of art in this issue, we’re exploring the world of yarn bombing in Cast On Street Art. Brisbane-based crocheter Chez Robbie also shares her fabulous crocheted art dolls in Crocheting A Country Practice.

  • Along with your favorite regular features: An In the Studio interview with a talented maker (this time we’re visiting a weaving studio!), the Project Inspiration Library, a delicious recipe and two cracker tutorials: How to Crochet Standing Stitches and How to Use Color Dominance in Colorwork Knitting.

  • Plus we’re chatting to micro-crochet artist Hannah Hills, exploring the vintage knitting notions collection of Sue Williamson and much more.

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