Radicle Threads - Issue 1
The Woolly Thistle Radicle Threads Magazine including, 5 Recipes You Must Try, Articles: Micro-Farming, Poetry, & More, and Sewing Pattern, Breading, Tutorial, & More

Radicle Threads - Issue 1

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Radicle Threads Magazine. 

Radicle Threads is a BBIMP (Black Brown Indiginous Melanated People) grassroots company that aims to create a sustainable, ethical, and equitable online and print publication with a focus on crafting.

Their mission is to uplift, amplify, and empower Black, Brown. Indigenous, and Melanated People (BBIMP) voices and to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences with the goal of increasing accessibility for all.

From the makers of Radicle Threads: We wanted something that reflected change and growth; according to the dictionary, the Radicle is part of a plant embryo that develops into the primary root. Radical people advocate for complete thorough social change that supports a progressive reform in marginalized communities.

Threads are about the connections that we form as we go through life. We, as people, are connected through this invisible thread that shapes our interactions with those who come into our lives.

Radicle Threads is about the germination of change.

Included in Issue 1:

5 delicious recipes you’ll want to make all Fall

11 Crochet & Knit patterns

2 Bonus patterns available on our website to finish your sets

1 Article on micro-farming

3 Thought-provoking articles and poetry on current events, ancestry

Roots features contributions from artists, makers, designers, and foodies with ancestry from Jamaica, Haïti, the United States, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and more.

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