Cover of Faire Magazine Issue 4 with purple yarn around.
Faire Magazine photos spread of three photos of woman in kitchen working with fruit and shelves of containers..
Cover of Faire Magazine issue 4 and note about the issue.
Set of three photos from Faire Magzine.  Two of Woman holding colorful quilts, quilt displayed outdoors.
Spread of photos from inside Faire Magazine 4.  Display of colors, paints, artist color work.

Faire Magazine, Issue 4

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Issue 4 explores the mediums of fibers (quilting and weaving); fine art (painting, illustration and sculpture); craft (jewellery-making, leatherwork, botanical-craft and wood-work), food (recipe development, food activism and the art of fermentation), creative entrepreneurship and heritage savoir-faire.

Every issue of FAIRE is filled with considered words and exceptional visual storytelling, taking readers inside the homes, studios, and minds of artists, makers, and craftspeople all over the world to explore what it means to live creatively.

FAIRE magazine is a certified CarbonNeutral® print product, using FSC® certified paper and natural non toxic inks, our magazine is printed by PurePrint in the U.K.

Our artists live and work in some of the most beautiful corners of the earth. We explore a heritage weaving atelier in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland; an award-winning female chefs home tucked away in a Swedish forest. We go behind-the-scenes inside Sennelier, the celebrated Parisian art store; we meet the impresario of a historical Black dance hall in Mississippi and we step inside the Daylesford kitchen of Australia’s foremost expert on fermentation. We meet the artist who has transformed a vast early 20th-century mattress factory into a design studio in North Carolina; and a magical woodworkers workshop inside an 18th-century Mallorcan Finca; and we go to Boykin, Alabama to interview and meet five Gees Bend quilters and so much more.

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