Color Wheels
Color Wheels
Color Wheels

Color Wheels

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The Perfect Color Mixing Tool! 

At last! We have these wonderful tools to help knitters make color choices for their knitting. Our very own Kelsey P. had an informative segment on Shopcast 151 about their use and how they can aid you in finding the perfect shade and complimenting colors for your projects.

Color Wheels are tools that teach color relationships by organizing colors in a circle so you can visualize how they relate to each other. 

Features: Primary Color Mixtures, Tints and Tones, Complementary Harmonies, Warm and Cool Colors, Gray Scale, Personal Palette Color Harmonies Terms and Definitions

The Pocket Color Wheel - Compact 5 1/8"  Color Wheel that helps you determine base colors, primary colors and color warmth.

Creative Color Wheel - Larger 9" Color Wheel specifically designed to help determine and visualize contrasting and complimenting colors and shades.

Watch Kelsey talk about the Color Wheel and how she uses it below:

*please note that the pictured color wheels do not include yarn.

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      Title: The Pocket Color Wheel
      Color Wheels
      Color Wheels

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