2022 Spring Taster Box
2022 Spring Taster Box
2022 Spring Taster Box
2022 Spring Taster Box

2022 Spring Taster Box

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We are back with a brand new 2022 Spring Taster Box!  We know you will love this special collection and we're excited to show you all that's inside.   In addition to everything included, there are some lovely additions from The Woolly Thistle.  Read on to learn all about them!

These big and beautiful boxes will ship out to you starting May 30th!

After almost 6 years of growing The Woolly Thistle, I have learned a lot about wool and yarns from the UK and Europe.  From the Highlands and Islands of Scotland down to the South West Coast of Cornwall and Devon and over to Sweden and France, our love of woolly wools know no limits!

We wanted to put that expertise to good use and curate a taster collection of some of our favorite and most special yarns and goodies just for you.  We are very excited about this offer and we hope you will enjoy it!

We hand picked an enviable selection of our best selling and most special and rare yarns to include in this tantalizing box! 

Consider this Taster Box to be a generous full-sized sampling of some of what is great at The Woolly Thistle!

A note about colors: We feel it is important to show you what you are buying and so we have listed out the items that will be in each box for you to see for yourself (rather than making a Mystery Box).  We want you to be confident that you are purchasing a really great Box.  BUT!  We wanted to keep an element of SURPRISE so we will be deciding the colors that each box receives.  All of the colors for all the dyed (and natural color) yarns are beautiful so we feel confident that you will love our choices.

Here are the details of what's included in your Taster Box:

  • 2 x 50g balls of Birlinn Yarn, 1 un-dyed ball, Bog Cotton, and 1 dyed ball 

  • 4 x 25g balls of Jamieson & Smith 2-ply lace weight yarn

  • 2 x 100g skeins of Ullcentrum 2-ply Sport weight

  • 2 x 50g skeins of Biches & Bûches Le Petit Lambswool 4-ply yarn

  • 1 x 100g skein of The Grey Sheep Gotland 4-ply yarn

  • 2 x 50g balls of Armscote Manor DK
  • 3 x 25g cakes of Uradale Yarns, 2 dyed cakes of naturally dyed jumper weight and 1 cake of their undyed First Clip jumper weight

  • 1 TWT Small Canvas Tote featuring our color logo (not B&W as pictured)

  • 1 set of the popular and useful Knitting Barber Cords

  • 1 pair of lovely stork embroidery scissors

  • 1 small TWT tiny tin of mints

  • 2 round TWT logo stickers

  • Card with pattern suggestions for yarns contained in the box

  • Free Shipping within the USA


Taster Box Thistlers will receive Exclusive Benefits including . . .

  • First access to additional quantities of items included in the box (if available)

  • Early access to rare and "unicorn" yarns throughout the year

  • Early access to future Taster Boxes 

  • Early access to our Black Friday event 2022!!!

Individual Yarn/Product details follow:

    Grey Sheep Company Gotland 4-ply

    We are delighted to include The Grey Sheep Company’s Gotland 4ply.  Available in limited supply and stocked especially for this Taster Box, this natural and traditional yarn is one to cherish. 

    Emma, owner of The Grey Sheep Company, brings us this special yarn from her own flock of pedigree Gotland sheep. The flock is sheared around Christmas and New Year to get the very best quality fleece.  The fleece goes to Yorkshire for washing then down to the West Country for spinning by John Arbon. 

    • Weight: 4ply / Fingering

    • Yardage: approx 360yds/100g sken

    • Package: 100g skein

    • Composition: 100% Gotland from UK

    • Care: Handwash & Dry Flat

    Jamieson & Smith 2-ply Lace Weight

    Jamieson & Smith yarn is a staple here at The Woolly Thistle.  This 2 ply Lace Weight yarn is direct from Shetland. Jamieson & Smith 2ply Lace Weight yarn is spun from the finest Real Shetland wool along with Lambswool to make a smoother yarn and tame the Shetland "halo".

    Traditionally used in Shetland Lace haps and scarves, this yarn is perfect for light garments such as shawls, scarves, wraps and summer sweaters. This yarn can be used in vintage patterns which call for "3ply yarns".

    • Weight: 2ply Lace

    • Yardage: approx 185yds / 25g 

    • Package: 25g ball

    • Composition: 50/50 Shetland / Lambswool

    • Care: Hand Wash, Air Dry

    • Made in UK; 100% Real Shetland Wool

    Birlinn 4-ply 

    We love working with Meg, of Birlinn Yarn Company to bring over this treasured 4ply yarn, made with the perfect blend of Hebridean and Cheviot breeds. Birlinn Yarn Company is known for their “seafaring sheep.” These Hebridean sheep are taken by boat each summer to graze on the islands in the Sound of Harris. The Hebridean Sheep are well cared for while grazing on the Outer Hebrides with crofters that take care with the fragile island ecology with a mind for sustainability. 

    • Weight: 4ply / Fingering

    • Yardage: approx 191 yds / 50g 

    • Package: 50g ball

    • Composition: 100% British wool; Hebridean and Cheviot blend

    • Care: Hand Wash, Air Dry

    • Made in UK

    Uradale Yarns Jumper Weight

    As the exclusive US retailer of Uradale Yarns, we just had to include this jumper weight yarn.  This special yarn comes from organic native Shetland sheep. Shetland sheep are naturally multi-colored, so the Uradale knitting yarns reflect the natural colors of their flock. Uradale Yarns are organically dyed and spun. The yarn is never bleached and as a result more of the lanolin remains, making it softer to the touch. This yarn comes to us in cones and our TWT team lovingly winds it down into beautiful little yarn cakes! 

    Our Spring Taster Boxes will also include 1 cake of Uradale's FIRST CLIP, which is available in limited quantity and extra special. This beautiful yarn is undyed and comes from Uradale's  1 yr old organic Shetland lambs. We are so happy to be able to include this treasure in your Taster Box. 

    • Weight: 2-ply / Jumper Weight

    • Yardage: approx yds 95yds/ 25g 

    • Package: 25g cake

    • Composition: 100% Organic Shetland Wool

    • Care: Hand Wash, Air Dry

    • Made in UK

    Biches & Bûches Le Petit Lambswool

    Biches & Bûches is a soft, pure lambswool yarn which comes from a family-owned fiber mill in Scotland. It is both rustic and soft, thin and sturdy. Ball bands are a handwritten design by Caroline of Biches & Bûches which gives each skein a personal touch. 

    What is lambswool? It's the first shearing of a sheep, considered to be a high-grade of wool. It is considered the softest wool that will ever come off the sheep and is less likely to cause skin irritation. 

    • Weight: 4ply / Fingering

    • Yardage: approx 270yds/248m

    • Package: 50g skein

    • Composition: 100% Lambswool from Scotland

    • Care: Handwash & Dry Flat

    Ullcentrum 2-ply Sport 

    Ullcentrum is a small Swedish yarn company that focuses on protecting natural materials and living an ecological way of life. This company collects Swedish wool from big and small farms on Öland and in the south of Sweden and transforms it into beautiful yarns for us to use in our knitting. We are proud to be able to offer this yarn from a company that preserves one of the best natural materials available – Swedish wool.

    • Weight: 2-ply Sport

    • Yardage: approx 270-300yds / 90-100g 

    • Package: 90g - 100g skein

    • Composition: 100% Swedish Wool

    • Care: Hand Wash, Air Dry

    Armscote Manor DK 

    The Woolly Thistle is delighted to include this yarn from Armscote Manor in South Warwickshire, England.  Armscote Manor is a Jacobean house that was built by John Halford, a wool merchant, back in the early 1600's.  Deborah Williams has lived there with her family for 25 years and more recently embarked on keeping and breeding Portland Sheep, an at-risk rare breed. From this conservation grazing flock, comes a lovely plump, undyed, unbleached British DK yarn. 

    • Weight: DK

    • Yardage: approx 240yds / 100g 

    • Package: 100g ball

    • Composition: 100% British Wool; Portland

    • Care: Hand Wash, Air Dry

    The Woolly Thistle Tote Bag

    • Color Woolly Thistle Logo (not B&W as pictured)
    • 10" x 12" with a 3' gusset
    • Perfect for carrrying your WIP and showing your TWT love

    The Woolly Thistle Stickers

    • pack
    • 3" diameter
    • Perfect for your water bottle, notebook, and more!

    The Knitting Barber Cord Set

    If you aren’t familiar with the Knitting Barber Cord Sets, you’re in for a real treat! These silicone cables are perfect for quickly getting your stitches on holders so you can try on your sweater or free up your needles for another project.  Simply insert the tip of your knitting needle into the flexible silicone tube and slide those stitches right on / off. Each tin comes with 3 cords: 1 - 60" cord and 2 - 30" cords. Handmade and designed in Vasa, Finland by Jojo Stolpe.

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